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Glitter Ornaments How-To

Glitter Ornaments How-To

My friend, Nikki, from A Crafty Home has written up a "Glitter Ornaments How-To" tutorial. Follow her simple steps below to make your own, or order some custom made from Nikki!


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You'll need:
8 oz. can Minwax Polycrylic (or another brand would likely work too)
Extra fine glitter
Plastic ornaments (2 for $1 at Dollar Tree for the normal size which is about 2 3/4" or the 4" size are $1 each)
• Vinyl words, letters, stickers-- cut your own or buy stickers or pay someone with a vinyl cutter
3 oz. Dixie cups (or larger works fine too)

The polycrylic goes a loooooong way but this was the smallest can I could find. I've done 2 dozen ornaments and have used a quarter of the can. You could make a craft day with a friend and share the cost.

1. Remove the tops from the ornaments and set aside.


2. Using a turkey baster or large syringe or ketchup squirt bottle, squirt some polycrylic into the ornament and coat it completely. Dump out the extra and then let it drain for about 10 minutes into a little Dixie cup.

3. In another little Dixie cup, put a couple tablespoons of glitter, pinch the side and pour it into your ornament.

4. Put a folded tissue (or your thumb if big enough) over the ornament opening (where the top was) and shake thoroughly so it completely coats the inside.

5. Dump excess glitter back into the cup to use on another ornament.


6. Put vinyl decoration or names and dates on the outside.

7. Let dry at least 24 hours so no molding or mildewing happens. Add ornament top and ribbon if desired.


Now go wow your friends! Happy crafting my friends! <3

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Duck Tape® Spring Wreath

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Duck Brand for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

Duck Tape Spring Wreath

Are you in on the Duck Tape® craze yet?

We have Duck Tape® wallets, Duck Tape® flower pens, Duck Tape® purses. You name it, and my kids have probably fashioned it out of Duck Tape®!

So, when it became time to put up a bright spring wreath, I turned straight to Duck Tape® to express our creativity, and straight to my 12 year old Duck Tape expert for assistance.

Duck Tape Spring Wreath

Duck Tape® sent me an assortment of colors and styles to try. We thought the white, pink, and green would give our wreath just the touch of spring our front door needed.

Duck Tape Spring Wreath Flowers

We started out by making an assortment of small flowers. There are lots of instructions for making Duck Tape® flowers on Pinterest.

Duck Tape Wreath

Next, we covered a plain styrofoam wreath with the white Duck Tape®.

Duck Tape Spring Wreath

Then we used a low melt hot glue gun to put the flowers where we wanted them. I really like the arrangement we settled on!

Duck Tape Spring Wreath

Finally, we added a pretty, coordinating bow, and placed our Duck Tape® Spring Wreath on our front door to greet and cheer visitors.

We had a lot of fun making this wreath!

The little flowers were simple enough for my 12 year old to make while she waited her turn at piano practice, and I love the idea of getting children involved in beautifying the home. It really makes everyone in the family feel like the home belongs to them if they have a part in making it beautiful.

How about you? Do you encourage your children to be involved in planting flowers or making decorations for the home?

I would like to thank Duck Tape for the opportunity to craft with my 12 year old! You can find Duck Tape here, and be sure to follow Duck Tape® on Pinterest for lots of inspiration on tons of craft projects. You will also find them on Facebook and on Twitter, with loads of ideas and inspiration.

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Crafting With Duck Brand® Craft Tapes

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Duck Brand for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

Have you seen the new glitter Duck Brand Craft Tapes?

I recently had the opportunity to try them out and they are so fun to use for glamming up common household items! This tape is self adhesive and the glitter does not flake off.

Duck Brand craft 7

I made this darling bag, which can be used for make-up, or even as a pencil case.

Duck Brand craft

I started this project with a gallon size Zip-loc bag, which I cut in half.

Duck Brand craft 2

Next I started adding the Duck Brand® glitter tape. When I got to the opening I had cut, I simply taped it shut.

Duck Brand craft 3

I embellished with a contrasting color.

Duck Brand craft 4

This is the perfect size for cosmetics!

Duck Brand craft 8

I also covered this little empty box (which formerly held panty liners) with Duck Brand Craft Tapes to hold desk accessories.

Duck Brand craft 5

My girls couldn't wait to get their hands on this craft tape so they could do some of their own projects.

Duck Brand craft 6

Follow @TheDuckBrand on Twitter and #DuckCraftTape on Instagram to find inspiration for your own projects.

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Round Up of Christmas Fun

These fun foods and activities are our favorite Christmas traditions.

I love to make these olive penguins and igloo cheese ball to take to parties. Instant fun!

Here's a simple craft kids love.

This simple felt Christmas tree skirt is a treasure in our family. The kids love to see how their hands have grown over the years.

This gingerbread house decorating party is the event we look forward to all year!

What fun traditions do you plan for Christmastime?

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All Things Thanksgiving

If you are like me, you are dragging out all your favorite recipes for the big day this week.

Since we have 8 children, we usually do the hosting of Thanksgiving. It's just easier for people to come to us than it is to host us, and we love to have company anyway, so it's all good!

Roundup of Thanksgiving recipes

Kid-Friendly Thanksgiving Crafts

Favorite Thanksgiving books

What are your Thanksgiving plans?

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Kid-Made Fall Centerpiece How To

Kid Made Fall Table Centerpiece

I got this fall centerpiece craft idea from my long time friend, Cassie, who posted pictures of it on her Facebook.

Cassie used pumpkins, but our stores are fresh out of those orange autumn orbs, so my Madison suggested we use acorn squashes, which are roughly the same shape.

My kids enjoyed this craft and it only took us around 30 minutes to complete it. You could do these yourself for a more perfect product, or I think it would be adorable to use old maps or kids' handwritten papers for the strips.

To do this fall centerpiece craft, you will need:

  • scrapbooking paper
  • scissors
  • pumpkins or acorn squash
  • Mod Podge (I used glossy.)

I let each child pick out the paper she liked best and told them to cut it in approximately 1" strips.


I poured some  Mod Podge, along with a little water to dilute it, into a few bowls and showed the children how to dip their strips and wipe off the excess goop before applying them.

They took this part very seriously.

(By the way, be sure to cover your work area for an easy clean up, because if you neglect to, LIKE ONLY A DORK WOULD, the clean up won't be all that easy. Trust me.)

The finished product dries clear and glossy.

The polka dots were the two year old's contribution. I think hers adds a little ... primitive charm. Don't you? I never understood those mothers who hover over their children during craft time, making sure the product looks just so. I like to see what my children come up with on their own.

We threw some acorns into an empty cardboard box and spray painted them gold for an extra festive effect.

We enjoyed this making this fall centerpiece craft! Try it and let me know how yours turns out!

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