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Teaching English Online with VIPKid

Have you heard of VIPKid?

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I have to tell you about something crazy fun I have just started doing. I have recently needed to ramp up the income I'm bringing in, and a friend told me about her part-time job teaching English online to kids in Beijing, China. It is with a company called VIPKid.

I went out on a limb and applied, and I was accepted! After I passed the application portion, I went through

  • an interview with a Chinese lady in Beijing
  • some extensive training sessions
  • a test over the curriculum and policies
  • a mock lesson with an American woman who pretended to be a 5yo Chinese child (to see what I was made of)
  • and I finally passed everything and began teaching right away.

I L.O.V.E. IT! The kids are SO PRECIOUS!!! It is so fun teaching them one on one, and they get SO excited when they learn a new word or phrase!
Screenshot 2017-06-06 15.47.07

I made over $2000 for my first full month (May - see photo) which is what the company advertises for 3 hours of work each day! (The only down side is the time difference. I am now getting up at 4:30a.m. to act chipper and peppy all by myself in a dark, quiet house! I am actually getting good at it!)

ViPKid accepts applicants with Bachelor's degrees and any teaching experience (Sunday school, Cub Scouts, homeschooling, VBS, etc.) Don't worry about the language difference. You will be trained in how to teach effectively. (Apply here.)

If you use my link when you apply, and you get accepted, and begin teaching right away, I GET A BONUS!

If you need some extra income and love teaching, GIVE IT A SHOT! Oh, and don't worry about them being legit. Money magazine named VIPKid in the top 5 best work from home companies!

Below are some videos I made with my best tips for applying and being accepted at VIPKid:

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  1. So cool!

    I have a few questions… could you work 1-2 hours a day? You answered my time question. 😊