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Diffuser Jewelry SALE

Have you heard of diffuser jewelry? If you love essential oils, you will love diffuser jewelry!

I just fell in love with *this particular bracelet from The Oil Collection! This bracelet allows you to apply your favorite oils to a cotton pad inside a pretty silver, vented disc so you can enjoy the benefits of your oils all day.

diffuser jewelry

Diffuser jewelry sale

I received the bracelet in a little black, velvet drawstring bag, along with 4 little cotton pads (2 black and 2 white). I unscrewed the silver disc, and tried out one of my favorite essential oil combinations (lemon and lavender). Just 2 drops of each lasted an entire day, and I was still getting comments about the scent the next day!

"Mmmmm. Someone smells good!" "What is that amazing smell?" "I smell lavender!"

As the scent started to fade, I could still smell it every time I put my hand near my face. On day 3, I simply unscrewed the disc and added a new oil (Stress Away - Ahhhh!) to a different cotton pad.

I really love how pretty and trendy the bracelet is! I even had strangers who noticed it and asked me about it.

This bracelet is available *on Amazon at The Oil Collection, and with the code "SMOCKITY" you can get 25% OFF any bracelet in the collection!

*This post contains affiliate links. 

If you are more the necklace type, below is my favorite diffuser necklace. I love the way the lava rock absorbs the essential oils and slowly releases them onto my skin throughout the day!

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