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Online Mom Retreat – Camp Gimmeabreak

Are there any other moms out there who feel a little overwhelmed with all the activities and trips and vacations and unstructured time and kids wishing you would fill their every hour with one fun activity after another? Not to mention the H.E.A.T.

It's almost enough to make a mom hide in the bathroom and take extra long showers just to get a few extra minutes of quiet. Or so I've heard.

Annnnnnyway... if you are up for meeting new friends just like you in a private Facebook group, receiving daily encouragement, sharing prayer requests, and receiving tips from a mom of 9 on how to find your joy in the midst of chaos, I have just the thing for you.

Camp Gimmeabreak

My friend, Lisa, from The Pennington Point has put together a Moms' Summer Camp full of encouragement and fun just for moms. We need some summer fun too, right?!

This is all online and will go from July 4 through August 12. It's light, easy and uplifting, and Lisa has named it, get this, Camp Gimmeabreak. We could all use that, amiright??

Camp Gimmeabreak is a fun, 6 week time of refreshing and encouragement for moms. It will include:

  1. An email each Monday with a video of encouragement and some steps to take for finding joy in your life!
  2. A private Facebook group where we will have discussions, prayer requests, live videos and weekly nighttime "bonfires" which will include special guests and fun prizes.
  3. An opt-in to a daily text of encouragement during the camp to help keep our focus on joy!
  4. We will be going through my book, "Mama Needs a Do-Over" with added ideas and bonus material.
  5. Easy, playful weekly challenges to encourage us all to see our days as filled with blessings and sweetness.

I'll be joining this online summer camp for moms, so come on. Let's be encouraged together!

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