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On Mom Encouragement and One Rep at a Time

I have 3 baskets of laundry sitting at the foot of my bed. They've been there for a while. There. Now you know.

I look at those 3 baskets and think, "I really need to put those clothes away. But first I'll have to clean out my dresser and get rid of all the t-shirts, jeans, and pajamas I never wear so I can fit those clothes in." And then I realize we are out of big black trash bags, and I would need to make a run to the store to pick those up so I would have something to put the give away items in to take them to the donation center.

And then one of the kids hollers from the kitchen that they just spilled a gallon of milk all over the floor, and the clothes stay in the baskets, forgotten, for another day.


My long time friend, Michele, called me this week. Do you have a friend like her? We can go months without talking and pick up as if only a day has passed. I love having friends like that.

She was calling because someone had invited her to join her local CrossFit box (that's what they gyms are called in CrossFit) and she wanted to know the reasons I love it and have continued to go every single morning for the past 11 months.

(Stick with me, now. This actually relates to those baskets of laundry up there and isn't about gym memberships at all.)

Here's what I told her.

This morning's CrossFit workout was SO HARD that I thought multiple times about quitting before the 45 minute time limit was up. I couldn't feel my arms. I was gasping for breath. I was thinking, "This is ridiculous. It's TOO HARD. I CAN'T DO THIS."

But I kept going. Do you know why?

Because the others were cheering me on. They were standing next to me (since I was the last one and they were already finished) shouting, "You can do it! Just do one more rep! Now ONE MORE! You are strong! DON'T YOU DARE STOP! You can do one more. KEEP GOING!"

They were repeating an often stated mantra at my CrossFit box. "One more rep." You may have heard, "How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time." The idea is that you don't think to yourself, "There is no way I can do 50 sit ups." You think, "I can do one sit up. Then I can do one more. And then one more."

There is no other place I go, no other activity I participate in, where people gather around me to tell me not to give up, that I am capable and strong, that it isn't too hard for me. 

Now, what in the world does this have to do with baskets of unfolded laundry? Just this.

This is what we should do for one another, Mom Friends.

When the days get so tough that we think we can't go on, we can come along side one another and say, "YOU CAN DO THIS! I am right here to hold you up! You are doing a great job! YOU ARE ABLE!"

But the thing about our mom struggles is we have to let one another know what they are. Since we don't gather at the gym to fold our laundry together, since we are each really doing it in what amounts to adult solitary confinement, none of us realizes the others also have 3 baskets of unfolded laundry at the end of their beds, too.

So, let's be real and vulnerable with one another. On those days when we think we just might fall apart, let's say, "Sometimes this all feels too big. I just don't know if I can really do this whole mom thing well. Honestly, some days I don't know if I can do it at all."

And that's when we can gather around and hold her up with our encouragement. Wouldn't it be amazing if we felt like we had a team of moms who were right there in the trenches with us cheering us on? Moms who really had managed to fold and put away those 3 baskets of laundry and were telling us, "It's not too hard! It just feels that way way right now. YOU CAN DO IT! One more pair of socks! DON'T GIVE UP! YOU GOT THIS!"

Encourage one of your Mom Friends today. Yours may very well be the voice that keeps her going.

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  1. Yes! I don’t have people over or hope people don’t drop by because of the 6 loads piled on the chair in the living room. Then when I actual fold it, I find it doesn’t take very long and I’ve had that heavy burden hanging on my shoulders weighing me down for days… Cheerleaders are wonderful to have!

  2. I love this! This applies to everything we do in life. Right! I always need encouragement in crossfit, riding my horse in competition, working, and keeping my household together. We can do this girls!!
    Stay strong!

  3. I’m impressed that your laundry is IN baskets. Mine gets dumped on the floor at the end of my bed, and stays there until I hire one of my kids to hang it all up! ; )

  4. Cintheya says:

    Last week I had a friend stop by unexpected. She hoped I wouldn’t mind that her and her whole family were driving by and wanted to say hello! My husband and I were in the middle of a fight (which is rare for us) over cleaning the house. I was in the middle of a tornado in my home yelling at everyone “to do their part around here”. This put everyone into one gear…do it or mom may explode at any moment! So we were all unhappily cleaning when we heard my friend ring the doorbell! I was knee deep in my closet organize my mounds of laundry, so my husband went to see who was at the door. I heard familiar voices and was mortified with the state of my home at that moment. Then I remembered what you have taught me Connie…PEOPLE are more important than a clean home. I invited them in and apologied for the craziness. They stayed for pizza and swimming and we made memories! It was all worth it. Connie you were in my head cheering me on telling me it’s ok!!

  5. “since we are each really doing it in what amounts to adult solitary confinement, ”
    Yes!!! So much this.

  6. Ashley T says:

    Love this! Connie, you can do it! You can put those 3 loads of laundry away! I bet you have grocery bags hanging around somewhere. Just do it. It won’t take long, and it will be amazing to get that monkey off your back! One idea, promise you will do it for 10 minutes. Once 10 minutes is done you can stop. You’ll probably be done my then or will be pumped up enough even if it isn’t done, you’ll just finish. If not, 10 minutes the next day. You can do it!