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How to Change a Diaper

Our household is diaper-free for the first time in over 18 years!

But in case yours isn't here is a little video instruction on diaper changing tips. Plus, you get to hear me sing an 80's rock song.

Don't judge.

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  1. That baby oil trick is a new one on me. Sure wish I knew it when I had babies.

    I don’t remember all your kids’ names but that one in the background’s face was priceless when you began singing that 80’s song LOL

    Posting to let you know that your blog post and the video worked for me :)

    Have a blessed first day of summer!

  2. I love it! ive never heard of the oil trick either! I ll keep that in mind!

  3. My entire family LOVES this video! We use to watch it on a regular basis when I first discovered your blog. The kids even did their own “smockity videos” b/c they enjoyed it so much. And of course, all the diapering tips are super helpful. Thanks for re-posting it for us moms who still have our hands full of poopy diapers. :)

  4. Just found your site and am having a blast checking it out! I don’t have any little ones in diapers anymore but wish I had known the baby oil trick back in the day. Oh well, when the grand kids come Grammy will know it then!

  5. This has been my favorite video of yours for years. Love it!!!!

  6. No babes in diapers anymore….but “happy, happy, happy” that your site is working!!!

  7. Haha this video made me laugh! and I haven’t used baby oil before either. But I must say that your one wetwipe method must not include babies who hold their poop in for 3 days….He is poopy from stem to stern! I start with toilet paper and when it’s mostly clean I still end up using 3 wipes!