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Rolled Paper Chess Set

My 17 year old Madison made this rolled paper chess set for her 16 year old brother for Christmas.

She followed the the directions at the link above, and used tiles glued to felt for the board. She covered an old crayon box and made a monogram for the front.

Chess is a favorite past time at our house as is a certain television show which inspired the monogram. Can anyone guess which show?

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  1. Wow–very detailed and creative!! Thanks for sharing! :-)

  2. Doctor Who?? Its a favorite here too! I made my boys Doctor Who pillowcases for Christmas this year!!

  3. You’re Whovians!

  4. Tina Johnson says:

    That’s awesome!! And the fact that you are Doctor Who fans is even cooler!! Whovians are us!!!

  5. Seriously impressive!

  6. That is soooo cool! My boys would love to do this! Great Job, Madison!!

  7. Of course Doctor Who. Only the best show ever :-). Yay Whovians.

  8. Wow! Very cool! What a nice sister. :o)

  9. Def Doctor Who :) Awesome-sauce!

  10. That is amazing!!! and her quilt too~