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Leadership Training for Christ

We spent the weekend, as we do every year at this time, gathered at a hotel with thousands of others competing in Bible bowl, signing for the deaf, scripture reading, chorus, puppets, drama, art, and other events. LTC, Leadership Training for Christ, is a huge event each year among our fellowship.

Children for many congregations gather in Dallas, after having prepared, practiced, and memorized for months. Afterwards they are awarded bronze, silver, or gold medals for their efforts.

My children got some of each kind of medal, but in the Bible memory events, they all took gold! We are so very proud of them! They worked so hard!

Here is our 10 year old, Adrienne in part of her chorus event. (Email readers may have to click to the blog to view.)

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  1. Our church does this too. My boys are currently too young to participate. I’m wondering is the conference always on Easter weekend? If so, why? I couldn’t find anything about that on their website. I do see the value in committed time spent on gaining biblical knowledge. Does it hinder your other celebrations and focus on the resurrection of Christ? Thank you for bearing through my questions. Great job on the singing!

    • Smockity Frocks says:

      Lori, Did you see Ellen’s comments below? By the way, she is my friend from 1st grade and was my maid of honor! LOVE her!

  2. @Lori, yes it is always on Easter weekend. I think the biggest reason why is that all schools are always out on Friday which allows those who are coming from out of town the ability to travel on Friday and not have the kids miss any school. They always have an Easter Sunday service at the hotel on Sunday for those who wish to participate. They also showcase many of the top dramas, choruses, bible reading, and speeches at the service. However since the event is over on Saturday night there is plenty of time to make it home to celebrate Easter Sunday at your own congregation unless you are REALLY far away! :-)

  3. Oh my, so many memories! I participated in LTC when I was in youth. Amazing experiences that I would not trade for the world. I think this is great for the kids . . . it gives them such a sense of accomplishment and purpose! Great job “Smockity” kids!!!

  4. My oldest went to the LTC in Houston. Congratulations to your kids! My daughter got 3 golds and a silver. She opted out of Choir and did art and photography. Tons of fun! We have a tiny rural congregation and still send 20 kids every year, such a blessing!

  5. Our children used to do LTC. Now we do Lads to Leaders which LTC broke away from. Both are great programs! Ours is also Easter weekend. What fun and a great experience for the children.