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How Do You Organize ALL Those Clothes?



The 4 Moms of 35 Kids [2] are discussing how to organize all the clothes in a large family.

Truly, this is a challenge. If a large family mom doesn't have some kind of system and limit to the amount of clothing that dwells in the house it can look like a bomb went off in the children's clothing section of Goodwill.

I mean, that's what I've heard. Ahem.

I do a seasonal clothes switch [3] twice a year and allow each child to choose 7 shirts, 4 bottoms, and 4 dresses from a stash of large, plastic bins we keep in the garage.


The bins are labeled with sizes and season. This is an old picture. I gave up on the boy/girl labels since we haven't been to produce a boy in over 15 years and 6 children.

Each child that shares a bedroom also shares a dresser and is assigned certain drawers in which to keep clothes.

I also recently bought each child her own pop up hamper. The idea is for all dirty clothes to go into each person's own hamper and be washed by the child who owns the hamper. The idea is to eliminate, "She took my favorite shirt!" or "Those are MY pants she's wearing!" Time will tell if this idea works.

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