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Making Simple Trellises From Sticks

Welcome back to Frugal Gardening 101 - The Busy Mom's Guide!

This week, I would like to show you the "trellises" I made for my peas at ABSOLUTELY NO COST!

I used sticks and twigs and put them in the soil where the peas would be able to climb them. (The seed packet says they will climb up to 6 feet!)

Then, I tied them at the top with some found twine to form a little tent. I know it isn't pretty, but, "Hello, FREE? I think I love you."

And whaddyaknow? The little guys are already beginning to climb!

Now, be sure to visit mygardening partners to see what they have up their gardening sleeves.

Okay, it's YOUR turn! Show us whatcha got! Remember to link to your gardening post, not your blog's main page, and include a link back here so your readers can join the fun.

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  1. Love it!! Those will be perfect :) And actually, I’m linking up a similar thing I did with tomatoes. Gotta love free :)

  2. Love it! We are doing bamboo trellises this year, in an effort to make teepees for the girls to play in when the peas vine up…they were about $2, so I’m not overly invested, but I am really hoping they work! :)

  3. Sorry about that! We’re all linked up now.

    My grandmother used to do what you’ve done with the sticks. She would also string whatever she had–yarn, fishing line, twine–in between the sticks so that the plants would have something to attach to besides the actual support sticks. It would create a “pea teepee.” At least, that’s what we used to call it.

    Thanks again for putting up the linky.

  4. I think they’re lovely. Our pea and tomato trellises are free, too, but we’re using cattle panels a guy we know was happy to be rid of. :)


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