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Setting Goals, Aiming High

You might remember that we got Wii Fit Plus for Christmas, and if you have been a fan of Smockity Frocks on Facebook, you may have seen that I was posting my progress there.

I had been faithfully using the Wii Fit several times each week, and I was excited to see that I was steadily losing weight and progressing toward the goal I had programmed into my settings. I loved looking at the graph to see that my weight was going down, down, down.

And then the balance board's batteries went kaput.

Am I the only one who has at least a dozen of every size battery ever made EXCEPT for the size I need?!

You have probably already guessed that the batteries didn't get replaced for a couple of weeks and then when they did get replaced, I was sorta scared to step onto the balance board because I had a feeling all those late night dishes of ice cream probably weren't going to work in my favor on the ol' graph I had been so fond of looking at.

You see, when I knew  I was going to be stepping onto the balance board, I was more careful of what I was eating because I wanted  to see the graph going down.

But, when I knew I wasn't going to have to face the graph, I lost the motivation to use self control.

I finally bit the bullet and stepped on the balance board and my suspicions were right. I had gained weight. (Plus, I got knocked off the obstacle course an embarrassing number of times by those swinging bowling balls.)

That whole experience got me to thinking about the importance of setting attainable goals, and checking progress frequently, so I came up with these tips that I think can be applied in all areas of life, from mastering multiplication facts to keeping up with laundry to weight loss.

  • Make the goal realistic, but not too easy to attain.
  • Challenge yourself. It's okay if it's hard.
  • Keep a progress chart or graph to show how far you've come and where you're aiming.
  • Check your progress regularly.
  • Keep at it! If you don't do well, DON'T GIVE UP! Just get back on track and try again.
  • Don't make it easy to fail. (I purposely didn't change into yoga pants today, even though my jeans are tight in the waist. I wanted to be reminded not to fail.)
  • Share your progress with someone else. I posted mine on my Facebook fan page so I would feel a little pressure to keep it up.

With each of my eight babies, I have gained 40+ pounds during pregnancy, and it has always been my goal to return to a slim weight. The weight doesn't just "fall off" for me like some people say. I have to set the goal and aim for it each day.

It usually takes me a full year to lose all of my pregnancy weight, but knowing that, I stay at it, constantly checking my progress and aiming toward my goal.

If you are struggling with weight and would like encouragement, check out my friend Kris's weight loss blog, where she shares her journey from obese to fit. It is so exciting to track her progress!

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  1. Thanks, I really needed to read this today… off to dust off the balance board and play some games with the kids. This counts as gym class right?

  2. Such a good reminder, Connie. Thanks — I needed this today!! I’m glad I’m not the only one who finds that it takes a year (or more) to lose weight from a baby – although usually by that point, another baby is on the way!! :)

    Writing things down is so effective for me too. Whether it’s amount of weight loss, tracking what I’ve eaten in a day, or just goals for children (academic and character issues!).

    It keeps me accountable! God intended our lives to be purposeful, didn’t He?! “Oh that my ways may be ESTABLISHED to keep Thy law – then I will not be ashamed when I look upon all Thy commandments.” Psa. 119:5-6

  3. My baby is 4 now, the last of 10, so I have zero excuses!! I only gained 15 lbs with him, but have put on another 15 in the past yr because of careless eating and no exercise. I am jogging/walking on my treadmill 5-6 days a week to lose 25 lbs. I am down 5 already!
    I am also sorta kinda following the No S diet, which means that I follow it when I feel like it. Last night we had this luscious chocolate fudge brownie cake with vanilla ice cream…I mean who could expect me to pass that up????? LOL!!
    I like the way you broke this down into very doable steps!

  4. Well, look at you with some sweet linky love…and making me want to get Wii Fit Plus to go with our plain ol’ Wii Fit. 😉 I so wanted to get on the Wii Fit last night and it got too late. I should go do it now.

  5. I’m there with you. When I was pregnant with my first and gaining too much weight, a friend told me that it would all just drop off when I was nursing. WRONG! I couldn’t lose any weight until I stopped nursing. I gained a solid 60 pounds in that pregnancy because everyone kept telling me it was okay.
    Now, after 4 children, I’m finally down to just 10 pounds more than when I got pregnant with the last one. It isn’t easy! Especially trying to find time to work out with little kids at home and teaching school, but it is happening. I’ve lost about 15 pounds so far. Another 25 to reach my final goal. Every pound, every minute of exercise, every bite counts. I just have to keep reminding myself of that while I’m baking up snacks for the rest of my family!