What's the big deal about Young Living

Terms & Conditions

1. Description: Smockity Frocks is offering a $30 Amazon gift card, and will award one prize via a random selection of eligible entrants.

2. How to Enter: Forward your receipt from the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle to smockityfrocks@yahoo.com for 10 entries in the drawing. Alternately, for one free entry email me at smockityfrocks @yahoo.com with the subject "ENTER ME" in all caps.

3. Prize: One winner will be randomly selected to receive a $30 Amazon gift card in a drawing on April 30th. The winner will be notified via the entry email, and given 48 hours to accept the $30 gift card. No response within the 48 hour period will result in forfeiting the prize.

4. Winner: This page will be updated with the winner no later than May 5th.

*Update: L. Knupp has won the $30 Amazon gift card.

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