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4 Moms Ebook For Sale!

Are you a mom who has ever wished you could talk to a more experienced mother to ask her questions about parenting?

Do you wish you knew a mother who has already survived the toddler years, adolescence, and teens, and has made it through with her sanity and children in tact?

The 4 Moms of 35+ Kids have answered all of our most popular parenting questions in one handy, dandy ebook, divided into 17 easy to read chapters, including:

  • Naptime
  • Parenting styles
  • Keeping Your Patience
  • Master list of age appropriate chores
  • Church time with Children
  • Shopping with Children
  • Accomplishing big projects
  • Keeping Things Fair
  • Giving Individual Attention
  • Talking About Sex
  • Overcoming Discouragement
  • And MORE!

This ebook allows you to read advice from 4 moms of 35+ kids on these topics in one easy to access format!

You can find out what 4 experienced, large family moms say about those topics now for only $7.99!

If you have ever wondered what to do about

  • teaching children to be diligent
  • talking to kids about sex
  • keeping children quiet in church
  • getting to church on time
  • age appropriate chores

This ebook is for you!


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