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Glitter Ornaments How-To

Glitter Ornaments How-To

My friend, Nikki, from A Crafty Home has written up a "Glitter Ornaments How-To" tutorial. Follow her simple steps below to make your own, or order some custom made from Nikki!


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You'll need:
8 oz. can Minwax Polycrylic (or another brand would likely work too)
Extra fine glitter
Plastic ornaments (2 for $1 at Dollar Tree for the normal size which is about 2 3/4" or the 4" size are $1 each)
• Vinyl words, letters, stickers-- cut your own or buy stickers or pay someone with a vinyl cutter
3 oz. Dixie cups (or larger works fine too)

The polycrylic goes a loooooong way but this was the smallest can I could find. I've done 2 dozen ornaments and have used a quarter of the can. You could make a craft day with a friend and share the cost.

1. Remove the tops from the ornaments and set aside.


2. Using a turkey baster or large syringe or ketchup squirt bottle, squirt some polycrylic into the ornament and coat it completely. Dump out the extra and then let it drain for about 10 minutes into a little Dixie cup.

3. In another little Dixie cup, put a couple tablespoons of glitter, pinch the side and pour it into your ornament.

4. Put a folded tissue (or your thumb if big enough) over the ornament opening (where the top was) and shake thoroughly so it completely coats the inside.

5. Dump excess glitter back into the cup to use on another ornament.


6. Put vinyl decoration or names and dates on the outside.

7. Let dry at least 24 hours so no molding or mildewing happens. Add ornament top and ribbon if desired.


Now go wow your friends! Happy crafting my friends! <3

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