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DIY Instant Oatmeal Packets

DIY instant Oatmeal packets

I whipped up a bunch of these DIY instant oatmeal packets in snack size Ziploc bags and wrote the instructions on the outside with a Sharpie. I keep these in the pantry in a basket on a low shelf so they can be easily reached.

These were a huge hit with my kids! Even the 7 year old could read and follow the instructions and prepare her own breakfast.

I also tried making a big batch altogether in one container for scooping out, but the dried fruit and sugar tended to sink to the bottom and didn't stay mixed well. I ended up going back to the little bags, which I had saved instead of throwing away. The instructions were already written on those, so no added work. SO simple!

Be sure to check out the link above for lots of different variations to include. We love this simple breakfast idea!

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