What's the big deal about Young Living

Sending the Boy to College

Loving Jackson

Everybody loves this kid. And there is plenty of reason to love him. He is hard working, compassionate, and funny.

Jackson at airport

This summer he spent 23 days in Brazil serving a local community, digging, planting, building, painting, and teaching.

Jackson in Brazil

We stayed in touch with him through Face Time, but we surely hated him not being home for dinner every night.

Picking up Jackson

Finally back together!

Jackson with china bowls

He brought back carefully selected gifts from Brazil for everyone in the family. A dolphin bracelet for one sister who loves dolphins, a soccer ball bracelet for another, and so on. When he brought out these dishes for me I died a little.

Him: "Remember when I accidentally broke your favorite mixing bowl when I was little? I found this hand painted pottery set for you while I was in Brazil."

Me: (died)

We were all thrilled when he made it back to us, but we knew our time with him at home was limited since leaving for college was looming around the corner.

And that time has come. Later this week, he will head down our gravel driveway and he won't be coming home for a good long while.

Well, you can't fence time, as the saying goes. But I am surely marking all these memories and keeping them bound up to recall when I'm missing him.

"But Mary treasured up all these things and pondered them in her heart."

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  1. Sheila Mom to Seven says:

    Can he marry one of my daughters? :)

  2. My newly turned 18yo decided to move himself back to Round Rock, away from his family unit here in Virginia, so he could be with his friends. Waaaa While it’s a good thing they are growing up, I find it so hard to let go.

  3. Oh, and the mixing bowl story…waaaaaaa