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Love and Loss

One day recently while the kids and I were at the lake splashing around at the sandy beach area, we noticed a raggedy man wearing a backpack a little way down the beach throwing something repeatedly and with much force into the water. My 13 year old animal lover went down there to look and came racing back frantically telling me he was throwing baby ducks into the water with all the force he could muster, trying to kill them.

We all walked closer and I could see that she was right. He seemed intent on his task, and I'm guessing he had some mental health issues. Before I could stop her, my Adrienne went running to him shrieking for him to "STOP! STOP DOING THAT! What are you doing??? You're going to kill them!!!"

I called her back to me and told her to stay away from him. I felt like there was nothing we could do, so I turned my attention back to my little ones splashing around in the water.

When it was time to leave the beach for home, I called the children to me and I noticed that Adrienne was holding something in her arms.

Adrienne with newborn geese


She was carrying the ducks.

"Mama, we have to take them home! After the man left, the mother duck wouldn't take them back. She was chasing them away and pecking at them. We have to save them. They'll die if we leave them!" she begged.

I told her to put them down and that I thought they would be fine. As soon as she did, they both fell over, panting hard. I could see that they were injured and that she was desperate to help them.

"Fine," I said, "Pick them up and get in the van."

I remarked on the way home that I hoped at my funeral all the children would reminisce about the myriad of rabbits, naked baby mice, goats, kittens, and puppies I have allowed them to bamboozle me into bringing home.

The little ducks were so weak when we got them home they both immediately fell into a heap in the cage we prepared for them. I warned everyone that they would likely die overnight.

Adrienne's swim lessons with geese

We looked up information about what kind of ducks they were (Egyptian Geese - a duck/goose hybrid) and what we should feed them, and miraculously they survived. They followed my girlie around like she was their mother, and we took them to the lake with us whenever we went.

Swim lessons with geese

They loved her. She loved them.

Goose snuggles

One day, we noticed one of the little guys didn't come running to Adrienne when she came outside. We searched around and finally found the little fella dead under the henhouse. There was no sign of trauma, so we never knew what happened.

The other goose, Sherman, continued to thrive and we still took him on field trips to the lake. He always stayed close on the heels of his Mama.

Goose field trip to the lake


We kept saying we needed to return him for good one day, but none of us really wanted that day to come.

adolescent goose


He was learning to fly and growing bigger and more beautiful every day. My girl loved him so.

We were all so terribly upset when we found him dead soon after the above photo was taken. He had been mauled by an animal. We never found out what killed him, but we surely mourned.

We buried him and remembered what a good goose he was.

"I'm glad I saved him," my girl remarked. "He had a good life with us."

Yes, he did.

"Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all." Alfred Lord Tennyson



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  1. That is a wonderful story. Isn’t it interesting how kids don’t think about the safety of a situation? Their hearts are so big. :) Sorry they died. Your daughter is beautiful inside and out. :)

  2. Awww… sad but so sweet.

    Reminds me of my own adventures with baby geese when I was 13. We didn’t rescue them though, I saw them at the farm stored and asked my dad if we could get them. We had moved to the country a few months back and were “adding to our collection”, so to speak.

    He said yes and we got two that the people at the store said were a male and female (who knows, I don’t know how you can tell, but anyway). We had them in a little cage and they went everywhere with me for the first few weeks. Eventually they were too big to be inside and were moved outside to be housed with the chickens. That’s where all the trouble started.

    Our poor little male, Mac, was attacked by two of the roosters, my dad had gotten from my cousin. He was pecked so hard and so much that the top of his head had no skin remaining. He was a bloody mess and he and Tosh, the female, were brought back inside, in a large box as we nursed him back to health. It took forever for his feathers to grow back on top.

    Three weeks after Mac’s incident with the roosters (who were butchered for their bad behavior as they began killing the baby chicks too) we moved the babies back outside only housed them with the potbellied pig instead. She enjoyed the company, and they seemed to enjoy hers too. Everything was going well until they were trying to jump out of the pen to get to my mom and a hooked nail (that we didn’t realize was still in the old board my dad had used to make the pig’s pen) caught on our baby girl’s neck. It poked clear through her drinking/eating pipe (whatever it’s called) and caused all kinds of issues. She had to be taken to the vet to have it stitched.

    Despite these incidents, both geese grew and thrived. They were like dogs, always happy to see you, always with a friendly greeting. They were just learning to fly and wandered all around our property since they were big enough to keep the other animals from bothering them.

    Or so we thought anyway. While we were away our dog got loose. He was a rottie/shepherd mix that never cared for other animals. We’d had him since he was a young pup but could never really trust him with the other animals. We were already contemplating if we were going to have to re-home him when the big incident happened.

    We came home to feathers everywhere. He not only killed chicken galore (we now had a large flock of 60+) he killed our little geese. The baby ducks and pheasants hid under the coop, the kittens in the wood pile, the pig in her hutch-home, the other dog in his dog house, but the geese and adult chickens had no where to hid and he got them all.

    Very difficult day as we lost not only our babies, but our much beloved dog as well.

  3. I knew that was going to make me cry when I read the title. I read it anyway. {sigh} Give that sweet, beautiful girl a hug for me.