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Amazon Prime Day

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When my husband lost his job and was without steady work for months, the single most helpful thing anyone did for us was to have diapers delivered twice a month through Amazon. What a relief to know they would be at our door like clockwork when we needed them!

Since that time, I have had toilet paper, diapers, laundry detergent, etc. delivered for multiple friends and even strangers who have made me aware they were going through job loss like we did.

It's simple to do with Amazon's "subscribe and save" option. You can choose the product and how often you want it delivered. Then you just put in your credit card info and the person's address and they will receive that blessing from you, and TRUST me, it will be such a relief to them not to have to load up in the car, spend money on gas, and go pay for that item at the store.

And by the way, if you know someone personally, from church, playgroup, work, whatever, who is going through job loss, praying for them is a terrific START, but don't fool yourself into thinking that prayer will deliver toilet paper to their door! We are to bear one another's burdens. God has instructed us to feed and clothe those who cannot do it for themselves. Yes, by all means, pray for them to have the strength to make it through this time, AND THEN GIVE THEM SOMETHING THEY CAN USE!

Have you heard about Amazon Prime Day?

Amazon Prime is having a terrific "Prime Day" on July 15th which promises to have "more sales than Black Friday." This is a great opportunity to bless someone who needs it.

On July 15th, Amazon Prime members will have access to "more deals than Black Friday" on that ONE DAY ONLY!

With Amazon Prime, you get FREE 2 day shipping on all purchases, free music, videos, and MORE!

If you aren't a member of Amazon Prime, JOIN NOW and take advantage of their 30 day FREE TRIAL!

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