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So Much Life to Live

Hello old friends,

I have been away from the blog lately because there is just so much life to live over here in Smockityville. Most days when I have a homeschooling success or a parenting failure I think, "I should write a post about this. Everyone needs to know this important discovery I have made through trial and error. I can save my posse from making the same mistakes I made/almost made."

And then another important, time consuming event happens right on the heels of the previous one, and so on, and so on, until more than a month has passed before I have a even a moment to come up for air.

Here is a brief, incomplete list of recent events that have been keeping us busy:

  • My mom moved back into her own home after living with us for 3 months while her broken leg healed.
  • I jumped back into teaching weekly homeschool co-op classes.
  • My mom went back into the hospital to have emergency gall bladder surgery.
  • My son finished high school and has been offered some college scholarships.
  • My 7 year old started ballet and tap.
  • Soccer season started back up for my 9yo and 13yo.
  • I moved my 20 year old back home from college for the summer.
  • My 11yo qualified for nationals in gymnastics.
  • My 15yo got registered to attend a novel writing camp this summer.
  • I collected and scanned 80 baby, toddler, and adolescents pictures of my son for his senior banquet.

Is it any wonder I am tired? And of course, as all moms know, there is no end in sight. Next weekend I am manning a Homeschool Moms' Winter Summit booth at the Texas Home School Coalition Convention. Please, stop by and see me if you are there!

I'm also staying busy taking care of the members who have signed up with Young Living Essential Oils. We absolutely love our oils, and use them for all manner of issues to keep us well and healthy. My children often request for me to rub an oil on them for one reason or another, and I love helping others get started on the journey to taking charge of their health with Young Living.

Besides staying healthy with the oils, being a member of Young Living has also allowed me to pay cash for the balance on my daughter's college tuition. BONUS! I am so thankful for this company!

YL Premium Starter Kit Special Offer

If you have been thinking about joining the essential oils bandwagon, NOW is the time because for the very last time, and ONLY THROUGH APRIL, I am giving a $20 Amazon gift card to everyone who signs up with the Premium Starter Kit. Find out how to join here.

So, that's the story of Why Mama Has No Time to Think Thoughts. One of these days, I'm determined to write all my many thoughts down in a book. But for now, there's just so much life to live.

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  1. You paid CASH for tuition????? That is amazing! I am still paying on my college tuition and have been out of school since 1996!