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Are Essential Oils Dangerous?

Recently I saw a post about how dangerous essential oils are and how the average person really shouldn't be dabbling in them because it takes research and intelligence to understand all the implications and interactions the oils can have on your body.


Just like salt can be dangerous, even deadly,

and ladders

and magnets

and water

and Tylenol.

Each of the above examples shows how these things have killed. Yes, there are lots of everyday things that are beneficial to our lives that can also be dangerous if used improperly.

Would you hand your child a bottle of Children's Tylenol and tell them to use as needed? No! Neither would I. Would you disregard the instructions and blindly take a handful of Extra Strength Tylenol for a headache. No. Would you turn up the salt shaker and guzzle it? No. Would you sit idly by while your child did? Would you encourage your child to swallow magnets?

Do you believe these things are too dangerous to be owned and used by the average person without medical training? The thing is most of us have the common sense and the wherewithal to do the research and take the precautions in using these things.

The same should be true for essential oils. 

Essential oils are very potent and powerful agents that can do amazing things for a body when used properly.

Ramen burns 3

When my daughter was burned, I did not just open a random bottle of oil and pour it over her shoulder, hoping for the best. That would have been foolish.

Instead, like I believe any reasonable person would do, I researched what would help skin in this condition. I dug in and looked for any adverse reactions to be cautious of. I was in frequent contact with my friend, Stacey, who gave me the oils, asking her advice. She in turn did her own research to answer my questions. She gave me a 485 page reference guide to essential oils so I would have the answers to my questions at my fingertips.

When my mother broke her leg and came to live with us, I carefully read each oil label and looked up any interactions the oil may have with her medications before applying them when she asked me to. By doing this, I saw that some of the oils are not recommended for use when taking blood thinners, so I set those aside and warned her not to use those since she is taking blood thinners daily.

These are the very same things I see my friends doing when they decide which oils would be beneficial for certain issues in their own families. In today's litigious society, I know it's common to assume people don't have reasoning abilities, but I believe in you, dear reader! I have faith that you are intelligent enough to wonder if a product is harmful when used indiscriminately. I comfort myself with your ability to read instructions and follow them. I know if the oil label says "not for children under 6," you won't apply it to your child under 6.

I don't know of a single account of an acquaintance or friend opening a bottle of oil and pouring it over their body, or their child's body, without reading the label to see what kind of use is recommended. I haven't seen a single account of someone handing a bottle of oil to their child and telling them to drink up.

Yes, it's true that essential oils are extremely powerful. In fact, they are so powerful that they are making a huge impact on many families, like mine (see above photo) every single day.

Yes, it's true that essential oils can be dangerous if used improperly. Just like table salt. Or magnets. Or Tylenol. Or water.

I trust that if you are using essential oils and enjoying the many benefits they offer, you are using your common sense and reading and following the recommendations, just like you would do with Tylenol, or table salt, or magnets.

If you are seeing the impact the oils are having in the health and daily lives of your friends and are interested in getting started with essential oils yourself, be sure to see why I began my journey with them here.

Essential Oils Pocket Referenc

And rest assured, for anyone who signs up through my link I am always available to provide support, answer any questions, and point you in the direction of research pertaining to your questions. I always give anyone who signs up for the Premium Starter Kit the same 485 page reference guide Stacey gave me. I add each person to the private 1400+ member Facebook group for oil users.

I do all these things to arm you with the knowledge you need to use your oils responsibly. I want to provide you with the resources you need so your oils will benefit your family as much as they have benefitted mine.

(As a bonus, I have ONE $20 promo code for use when ordering the Premium Starter Kit through my link to give to the first person who asks for it. Email me or leave a comment below.)

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  1. I think I read the post you might be referencing (and have certainly read similar ones, if not the exact one 😉 and I think the key word there might be “dabbling.” To me, dabbling implies something like, “I’ll just use a little of this, a little of that, we’ll be fine, let’s see what happens!” That’s the attitude that can go wrong in using oils, I think. To approach it like you described doesn’t quite count as “dabbling” to me! :) You’re learning all you can, storing up the information, doing research, not taking things for granted, and checking things out before you make a decision. Thanks for sharing your thoughts–it’s good to be thoughtful but not afraid :)

  2. My daughter that has a heart defect contracted RSV 18 months ago (OVER CHRISTMAS I might add) She was hospitalized for about 4 days at the children’s hospital. When she was released we immediately began using oils for her respiration. By the time we had her followup visit with her pediatrician two days after being released he listened to her, then looked up very surprised. He said if he didn’t know better he could have sworn that she had NEVER had RSV, especially not bad enough to have her hospitalized!!! I attribute this speedy recovery to the oils we used under the promptings of the Lord. He led us, we used them, and she was perfectly healthy within two days of being discharged. It makes me wish I had been brave enough to ask if we could use them while IN the hospital!!!

  3. It’s been said “There ain’t no cure for stupid…..but duct tape helps!”…….wise words

  4. I haven’t read the article you’re referring to, but I’m guessing the article you’re responding to was some sort of informatory rant. I hope, in hearing their rant, you’re not missing a valuable point about risks or holding fast to overly positive beliefs about essential oils.

    When I make decisions about medications, supplements, and remedies for my family to use, I too think it’s important to rely on research. Not “research” that involves you searching blogs, asking around, or reading ES promotional materials (although those could possibly be leads to finding actual research). Rather, research should involve reading and understanding actual scientific research studies that explain the safety, efficacy, and use of a particular compound. I hope the manual you were provided with from your friend contains such information and I hope that when searching, people (your readers) expect to receive empirical information, rather than anecdotal accounts, etc.

    I think that is the biggest difference between aspirin and essential oils and other homeopathic remedies is that safe dosing isn’t right there on the label and there isn’t a governing body offering you the security to know that, when used as directed, the compound is generally safe and that the emergency room will know what to do if there is an adverse reaction. That’s not to say that no one should use ES, but it does place a high burden on the consumer. I would not take that burden lightly.

    Last, I’m really not sure your comparison to magnets, ladders, water etc. (i.e., items not used for medical purposes) helps your point. The risk to having those items is simply having them. The risk to essential oils is more complex: you have to make decisions about types of compounds to use, dosing amount, route, frequency, etc.

    Anyway, just some thoughts that I hope you/your readers find helpful.

  5. I commented the other day but I don’t think it worked!! My family is new to North Texas. We relocated this year. I’ve been a long time reader of your blog and noticed when you started with Young Living. I had considered joining just for the benefits of our family of 8. My parents also joined us here from CA. My dad has had pretty severe allergies his entire life. We had never heard of “cedar fever” before we moved. We sure know now. He’s suffering pretty badly and actually stated that he feels the quality of his life is dimishing! He’s under the care of several Dr.’s, but the Lord has been promoting me to research oils for him. I would love to get the starter kit and guide, especially if I knew there was a way to help him. I hope you can email me!! Thank you!

  6. I find it interesting that with all the side effects or meds – and I do mean ALL – that even when we put on the wrong essential oil, there is no harm. Yes, some have sensitive skin and need to have the oils diluted. But no essential oil is as harmful as some of the basic, everyday meds and drugs that are used. I think most Moms do their research and ask about them. It’s all new to us – which is funny since it’s the way everyone used to use to heal!

  7. Would love the promo!

  8. I ordered the premium starter kit through your link, but I didn’t get a diffuser or the reference guide.

    • Smockity Frocks says:

      Hi Shelly,

      So sorry I am just now seeing this. I mailed your reference guide yesterday. I was waiting for my shipment of them to come in. I apologize for the delay!

      Some diffusers are being shipped separately due to a delay in manufacturing. I will call and check on yours today.