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Build a Menu {HUGE SALE}


Have you heard of Build a Menu? Or as I like to refer to it, BAM! 

I am so excited because I just signed up this week and I'm thinking this is going to revolutionize my chicken spaghetti/stir fry/Mexican mess/pot roast rotation all to pieces.

Here's Build a Menu works:

Step 1. Choose your store.

Step 2: Choose from the large catalogue recipes (or add your own).

Step 3: Print your recipes and shopping list.


Could it be any simpler??? (It's available as an app for your smart phone too!) And you'll be able to see a running total of the approximate cost of your shopping trip as you are adding recipes. Of course, you'll cross off any items you already have in your pantry.

And the best part? Build a Menu has enough recipes that they run on a 4 month cycle without repeating! That means your family won't be stuck in the boring spaghetti/stir fry/Mexican mess/pot roast cycle! (I mean, as if anyone would ever be that uninspired in your meal planning. Psh.)


And THROUGH THIS WEEK ONLY you can have access to one full year of Build a Menu for only $35! That is less than one dollar a week to have your meal planning, recipes, and shopping lists HANDED TO YOU, with the approximate price included!

For about 67 CENTS a week, you can take the stress out of meal planning. Build a Menu helps you plan a variety meals with hundreds of recipes at your fingertips and gives you a print out of your shopping list. No more repeating the very same meals from week to week. No more getting to the store and not remembering what ingredients you need!

HURRY! This special offer ends on Saturday, Jan 31!

Use the code BAM35JAN1 at checkout to get a 12 month membership for only $35!



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  1. I really wonder if I should do this or not. I hate spending money that I don’t need to spend, but I love the idea of this. I just would prefer to use my own recipes, which would take a lot of time to add in the beginning… My biggest concern is that I buy mostly organic produce, and shop in bulk a lot, so this probably wouldn’t really tell me how much money could expect to save… That, and I usually shop at either WinCo (only in the west) or a health food store (for the aforementioned organic produce). Anyone who has used this have any comments?

  2. It appears they are not accepting that coupon anymore. Going to email them and find out what’s going on, but the website says, “Sorry, the maximum number of redemptions for this coupon has been reached.” Not fair! I hope they fix it, because I was going to try it out!

    • Smockity Frocks says:

      Lisa, did you get it worked out? They are running the sale through today, so there must have been a glitch in the program.