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The Time a Snake Interrupted Our Photo Shoot

A while back my daughter asked me to do a photo shoot while her friend, Carlie, was over.


So, I put on my "Pretend I'm a Photographer" hat and directed them to do stuff like hang onto trees and walk serenely down the driveway.


And everything was going merrily along until I saw something wriggling in the corner of the view finder.


So I instinctively did what any loving mother would do. I screamed like a little girl and high tailed it out of there, leaving the girls bewildered until they turned around and did the same thing.


Then I regained my composure and snapped a picture, like a good blogger.

Have you ever encountered a snake, up close and personal?

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  1. I really need to stop reading your blog in the evening, as I always laugh so hard, I wake my nursing baby.

  2. In answer to your question, Yes, up close and personal and too many times. As I read your entry, I was envisioning exactly what I would have been doing. Now a question for you. Have you ever had to get rid of one of those things from inside tight quarters, like an office? Horrifying! Your photo shoot will never be forgotten. Ever.

  3. So, we’re moving down your way from a place where snakes are few and harmless. What kind of snake is that??