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Back to School Update

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We used the fire out of our Six Flags season passes, swam, climbed, dove, swang, road-tripped, flew, slept outside, canoed, rode horses, and generally squeezed every last drop of fun out of summer.

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And now it's time to get back to business.

Back to school time is always a challenge for me. It's so hard to get back in the routine of bedtimes and schedules and printing copies and making it to homeschool co-op on time.

Plus, with one of my drivers gone to college, and my husband out of town for work much of the time, that leaves me to do most of the driving to and from soccer, volleyball, gymnastics, youth group activities, etc.

That mostly means Mama has very little time to compose blog posts. Or even compose her thoughts in a rational way, for that matter.

Which explains the sporadic post updates here.

But now we are back to a homeschooling schedule! Here is a roundup of how we are rolling these days.

We have a version of this master schedule for multiple homeschooled children posted, which helps us stay on track for our busy days.

How to Manage Your Mouth for Kids {eBook}

We are all doing this wholesome talk Bible study together.

I'm using this homeschool transcript format to help my 17yo son complete his last year of high school.

He is also studying for several CLEP tests, which is how my daughter knocked out an entire semester of college for 1/20th the price. (Post coming soon.)

I am the president of our local homeschool group, and we are participating in that once weekly homeschool co-op for classes like science, music, and p.e.

Because I am an old dog, and I don't like new tricks, we are still mostly sticking to these homeschool curriculum choices and this favorite read aloud list.

I am also missing my college girl like crazy, but we are keeping daily contact. She may or may not have a crazy job for a famous person OF WHICH I CANNOT SPEAK, but makes for some interesting middle of the night text messages and phone calls!

How about you? How is your back to school routine shaping up?

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  1. Bec from Melbourne says:

    Couldn’t resist commenting. When I first started reading your blog, I had two children and their names were on the enrolment list for the local elite Christian school. Now we’re homeschooling those two, I have two younger children as well, and we use your peg-and-index-card system to keep track of what tasks they have for the day. Thanks for the idea!

  2. Sigh.
    I am a year-rounder with schooling. We moved to TX in May, due to my hubby’s job relocation. Then we had our 6th baby 6 weeks ago.
    I am feeling over run by littles!!!
    Our kids are 12 (7th gr), 10 (5th gr), 5 (Kinder–sort of!), 3, 2, and baby.
    I have been wanting to make a schedule, but with the fact that I can barely brush my teeth, I just haven’t made time! I definitely feel the need to schedule some bigs with littles instead of letting the bigs just hit school in a long stretch.
    Oh well, it’ll all iron out hopefully!!

    I have been looking at our layoff series because my hubby has asked me to tighten the budget and I’ve been looking for new creative ways to accomplish what he’s asked!