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30 Year High School Reunion – HELP ME!

Some of you know that my 30 year high school reunion is this weekend.

What you may not know is that I was sort of a dork in high school. Okay, I was a big dork in high school.

In fact, there is a story my children love to hear of when I wore pants with embroidered roller skates on the pocket that had actual laces that tied.

Yes, I thought they were super cool.

Yes, this was high school.

What?! It's not weird!

Of course, all the popular kids had Gloria Vanderbilt jeans, but no self respecting dork would be seen following a trend. Am I right?

Well, a certain popular cheerleader took it upon herself to point out my dorky pants in the crowded cafeteria one day and then proceeded to make a spectacle of untying my roller skate laces in front of everyone! Oh! The humiliation!

(Come to think of it, why do you children like that story???)

Well, now that I'm going to my high school reunion, I am a leetle nervous about that whole Dork Legacy. So will you help a girl out? Tell me which of the following outfits I should wear to redeem my self and my roller skate pocket pants.

which reunion outfit

(Please ignore the chickens in the background.)

The event will be dinner at a smokehouse in downtown Dallas, so I'm thinking my old prom dress is out, although I think I could totally pull that off!

So, WHICH OUTFIT? Please, help me out and leave your comment below.

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  1. I vote for the dress. Super cute!

  2. I vote for B or C. B is super cute & confident, C is a little more formal/businesslike but adorable on you.

  3. I think the third one with the black pants is dramatic and fabulous!

  4. The dress or the one with dark pants. I wouldn’t do white pants at a smoke house. They are all cute though.

  5. I think the top one is my favorite, but the bottom one is a close second. And those mean girls are gonna be so jealous that you look fit and fabulous, especially considering the fact that you’ve had many babies (nullifying their excuses). Sorry for the syntax here, but I’m too tired to try to fix it! You look great! Hope you enjoy your reunion:)

  6. gray top black bottoms…very lovely!

  7. I vote for the black #. UBER stylish. Btw, the same thing happened to me, but the pockets on my rear end had ZIGGY on them. Yes, ZIGGY….the bald cartoon man. DORKS UNITE!!!!

  8. Love the 3rd one! Very chic!! πŸ˜‰

  9. Yep, the black’s got it.

  10. C! Because “c” is for classy, cute, cophistocated and cexy! πŸ˜‰

    (And because it looks hip and stylish!)

  11. The dress. I went to my 25th this past weekend. The “it” girl came wearing hot pants….its not too late for you to get some of those and totally change your image!

  12. I love the dress!!! Have fun!

  13. All 3 options are awesome! I think the dress or the black/gray outfit.

  14. Defos go with number 3! It’s totes adorbs! Ha! You look great in all three outfits, but I think the third one will absolutely crush the mean girls!

  15. The top one is my favorite, but not for this event. The dress and boots would probably fit in well at a BBQ in Dallas, but the bottom looks sophisticated and grown up :) So either B or C

  16. The dress with boots, it is Texas πŸ˜‰

  17. My vote is the cute dress! I think it makes you look hip, fun and young. I like the 3rd option too if you want to look more business. So what kind of look are you wanting?

  18. Love the dress! C is my 2nd choice.

  19. I love the last outfit! Very classy!

  20. The first one. LOVE it!!

  21. The third option with the dark pants. It’s cute, without looking like you are trying too hard.

  22. I like the one with black pants! :)

  23. I like the last option with the black pants…you look at great in all of them though :)

  24. Robbie Ladwig says:

    Outfit with the black pants is SUPER adorable!!!

  25. I think the last one is best-classy, sassy and yes sexy-totally can redeem your rollerskate pants with that one! My 36th reunion is in October!

  26. Either B or C, A is super cute, but I think the white and BBQ is asking for trouble like someone mentioned πŸ˜‰

  27. You make all three look fabulous! My favorite for this event is the dress and boots but the third look would be the runner-up (:

  28. Choice B or C. B if you feel comfortable wearing it. It is super cute, but it’s possible you could really stand out in it (in a GOOD way… but only if you feel comfortable. Am I making sense?) C is an all-time classy look. Would go great in any situation, in my opinion. None of these options say, “I’m a frumpy homeschool mom with so many kids that exhaust me all day long.” So… GREAT!!! πŸ˜€

  29. I like option 3!

  30. Kristin Evans says:

    The dress and boots- love it!

  31. I love #1 and #3 for the reunion. But do save #2 for another special occasion, because I really like it too!!

  32. The dress and boots, will totally be rocking it.

  33. They are all great options, but for a BBQ dinner I’d go with #2 or #3. :) You’ll rock it!

  34. Hard choice. You are beautiful in all 3 outfits. The teal shirt is my favorite color. When I want to “dress casual” I wear my teal. The white pants, I’d be afraid I’d drop some bright colored sauce on them then would be “roller skate” obvious. The dress is super cute. The 3rd is pretty classy. I might wear the teal shirt with the black slacks too. Choices. Choices. Choices. Write each one on a piece of paper. Put in a hat and draw one out :)

    • I love this idea!! The teal and white look absolutely fabulous and are my top choice for what looks best on you…but they are white pants. At a smokehouse. That just seems like asking for trouble. :/

  35. Third one! Have fun :)

  36. I think they all look great!!!!
    But us Texans have to have the cute boots!

  37. The third one.

  38. Can’t go wrong with the classic gray and black! Love it!

  39. NOT the first one, but either on ego the others. My face is the dress. It looks sassy!

  40. Love the last one!!

  41. No contest.

  42. Grey and black…or teal shirt with black…?? All cute.

  43. Dress and boots!!!!

  44. Black pants (though I would wear the blue shirt with it!) Def. not the white pants if you are going to a BBQ joint…that might be the making of a whole new horror story! The dress and boots are cute, but maybe a little too casual for a reunion.

  45. Definitely the dress for my first choice. I like the shirt on both the others, but am not really a fan of the wide, flow-y pants on you, especially the white ones.

  46. The last one with the black pants. Hands down.

  47. My vote goes for the 3rd outfit. Classy and chic! The 2nd one would be my next choice.

  48. #3. Love it. #1. Love it also. I’m not big on dresses and boots with legs showing on women over 40. (Sorry. No offense) you have amazing legs… That looks seems a little more “youthful’, so if that’s what u r going for…

    I say the other 2 options are sexy, flattering and give off an “I’m not trying at all… I just DO look this good!” Air,,, love ya!!!

  49. Dress and boots!! So cute! Have a great time at your reunion!

  50. #3 blackpants!

  51. White pants + barbecue = roller skate pants situation
    Black pants and grey top = pretty business like
    Texas Barbecue + Texas Boots and dress = a rockin good time!!
    I’d go for the dress and boots for sure although you look great in a three choices! Have a great time!!

  52. NONE of them! You look TOO CUTE IN ALL OF THEM!!!!! I won’t be able to stand near you! :-) (But Abby says the dress!)

  53. You look great. I think option C is very classy and flattering.

  54. B and C. Pick B if you think every other woman there will be wearing black and you want to stand out a little. Pick C if you want to look like you have long legs. Both do a good job of showing your waistline.

  55. You look cute in all but I LOVE the last outfit. The black is my favorite.

  56. Definitely #3!

  57. You are SUPER cute in all three!! But I agree about not wearing the white to eat BBQ. If it was anywhere else, then I’d say 3, but BBQ? In Texas? Dress and boots!!! Rock it!

  58. The black pants! They say “I am serious-cute.”

  59. The black outfit. Because. Spills.

  60. #3 all the way!!

  61. First, have you always been this tiny? And second, I vote #3. You do look fabulous in all of them (secrets, please??), but I think that one is classy and no dirt will show. Who knows if you might get caught herding goats right before you go. πŸ˜‰

  62. I think the first one captures the most personality without being over the top and is still classy. The black and grey looks great but your personality deserves that bright, floofy scarf! :)

  63. I like them all but I would choose either A or C. A is fun and a bit retro, while C is very classy.

  64. Katena Dyser says:

    I love them all of them but the third one is awesome and the 2nd one is great love the boots. You look amazing.

  65. You look absolutely stunning in all three! You have 8 kids and look like you graduated from high school approximately 2 weeks ago. Let’s see who laughs NOW! Number 3 is my vote, without a doubt, with #2 as a close second. No white pants at a meal/reunion, EVER.

  66. Dress and boots, super cute!!

  67. Jessica Fox says:

    C. is first, in my books…and A. a close second! :-)

  68. Love the blue dress and boots!

  69. C for sure! I love the dress. It’s very cute, but C is smokin’!

  70. I think the last one with the dark pants is the cutest…but all three are wonderful!

    There’s a teeny bit in me that wants you to rock the roller skate pants one more time. You weren’t wrong. They were cool. Everyone else was too much of a sheep to know it.

  71. I love B and C. I would probably wear C!
    Have fun.

  72. Dress and boots, they look so natural, as if you’re comfortable and not trying to look too sophisticated. You just look approachable and easy going, and uber cute!

  73. I love B! I think it might need a necklace to dress it up for a Dallas steakhouse. C is lovely too, might be the safer bet. The roller skate jeans sound awesome. Trends are for lemmings. πŸ˜‰

  74. I was also a major dork in high school, so I understand! You look so pretty in all three choices, but my favorite is the blue dress! Hope you have a great time!

  75. Go with the black. That way if you spill or whatnot you won’t be able to see it, plus it’s more sophisticated. Be confident, you look great! Have fun!

  76. #2 (unless it is windy!) or #3. White pants just spell disaster to me, although you look great in them.

  77. second one

  78. B! Have so much fun!!

  79. The blue dress is super cute. I think your face in the picture says you like it best too.

  80. They are all adorable….or rather, you are!
    I hope you have a wonderful reunion.
    Thank you for being such a blessing to me and my married granddaughter.
    She is learning how to be a lovely, strong, confident christian wife, mother and citizen with your help and for that, I am eternally grateful.
    Blessings to you and yours β™₯

  81. I love the 1st outfit but yes, not the greatest idea for BBQ. So I would say the dress and boots. You are rocking all the outfits and will look great! Have fun!

  82. I think you look great in all of them. But personally, I would go with the third one. It’s classy.

  83. If you want to shake the dork chic stylin’… #3 for sure.

    But I have to say… I LOVE THOSE PANTS! Can you tell me what brand and/or where you found them?

  84. Paula Cameranesi says:

    The third one!

  85. Well, all 3 look great. But the BBQ and white pants issue seems to rule that out. I LOVE the dress. That would be my vote. Care to share where you got it… I would love to know a new shopping option and that is super cute!!

  86. blue dress all the way! elegant!

  87. They are all very nice, But I like the dress the most!

  88. The dress with boots! Makes you look young, cute and fabulous!

  89. The dress with boots! Makes you look young, cute and fabulous!

  90. Love them all – but wouldn’t go with white for this occasion, dress is cute and fun, black pants looks more sophisticated and dressy, so really depends on what look you’re going for!

  91. The third option with the black pants! Super classy and very flattering!

  92. Which one feels most comfortably “YOU”? Wear that one!
    {and just from the pictures, I’d go with B or C}

  93. The first one! Well-appointed accessories (like the scarf) always make you look like you know what you’re doing fashion-wise. If you have a scarf to match the dress, I’d do that instead; because, similarly, cute boots and cute dress make you look trendy. πŸ˜‰

  94. I vote for C. I do like the dress, however, I am not into the boots.

  95. I think the third outfit looks awesome. It is trendy, and sophisticated. Add a fun scarf or chunky necklace.

  96. Judi Hughes says:

    Won’t The College Girl let you borrow the burgundy velvet gown? Oh, then go with the third outfit-the elegant black. Are you equally comfortable in each? Go for the one you are most comfortable in! And I really do like the gown…

  97. Definitely the dress and boots.

  98. Sheila Mom to Seven says:

    TOTALLY the dress!! (I love dresses, and you look great in it.:))

  99. You are rockin all the outfits. My fav order is A, C, B. You look great for a 30 year reunion.

  100. I vote for #2 but all three are great! By the way, in grade seven, my wonderful, frugal mother salvaged a pair of cream coloured pants for me by sewing SUNFLOWER appliquΓ©s on the bum cheeks! I wore them faithfully. My darling sister found two pairs of blue suede shoes, one pair of which I wore in grade seven along with the above pants. I was teased and taunted but somehow managed to rise above it. The funny thing is that since there were two pairs of blue suede shoes, the second pair didn’t get worn by me until high school – 5 years later. The same stupid girls who were so mean and petty in grade seven LOVED them and were jealous because they didn’t have a pair. Goes to show that the collective mentality of any group of girls can be very low! Wear what you love to that reunion. You weren’t a dork…. you were a one-of-a-kind creation! Fearfully and wonderfully made! God Bless!

  101. You look fabulous in all 3 outfits, but for this event, and the image you’re trying to project/forget, I’d say #3 does it for you!

  102. The blue dress fo’ sho’!!!

  103. Catherine Kelton says:

    #3 is my favorite!

  104. I like all three, and you look fabulous in them all. I say wear the one that makes you FEEL fabulous, comfortable and beautiful. And you will shine! I went to my 40th class reunion in 2010 and it was a blast. 45th is next year :-) And of course you are going to report back on the blog about how it goes, right?

  105. I vote for #1. But, don’t dress to impress anyone but the Lord. Examine your heart and motives first before choosing any of the outfits, ok? You don’t have to prove your worth to anyone.

  106. So, which did you choose?

  107. I had a pair of jeans that had American flags painted all over them, I loved those jeans!! Who said jeans have to be boring plain blue?! πŸ˜‰
    So what restaurant was it? I am always looking for new places here in Dallas! :)
    I hope you had a fabulous time!!