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Target For Back to College Basics {GIVEAWAY}

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Brita for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

It's that time of year again. Time to get my college girl packed up to move back into the dorm.

Brita at Target

We headed to Target to pick up a few essentials, which I was thrilled to find were on sale! Since she likes to drink plain water to stay hydrated, I wanted to get her a water filtration pitcher, to keep in her dorm room.

photo 4

I also got her a Brita® hard-sided water bottle available at Target to carry with her to classes.

photo 3

Of course, we had to get a few other essentials, like Clorox Disinfecting Wipes and Burt's Bees facial towelettes.

photo 5

It's thrilling and depressing all at the same time to send a kid off to college. If you have done it yourself, you know what I mean.

On the one hand you see your child as the adult they are growing into.

Competent, confident, and ready to take the world by storm.

On the other hand, you see your child as the baby you were holding in your lap just the other day. I mean, I can distinctly remember scooping her up and reading about the three little kittens who lost their mittens.

And now, here she is not needing me to read anything to her anymore.

She can read it herself. She can buckle her own self in, and drive her own self right out of the driveway and down the road to her own life.


She's not the small child who sits in my lap saying, "Read it again, Mama," anymore.

But she'll always be my little girl.

And now, for the fun part! A $25 Target card giveaway so you can pick up some Brita® back to college items for yourself!

Leave a comment below telling me what you would like to get if you win the Target gift card!

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  1. Probably more knee socks for my daughter – her pretty white uniform socks are not going to stay that way!

  2. FOOD! Pregnant with number three, I’m always hungry…and so are the other two hooligans who hang around here all day! :)

  3. Jennifer Byars says:

    Maybe something pretty for the house. :)

  4. Sherri Miller says:

    If I win, I would give the card to my daughter so she could buy extra things she needs for college.

  5. Brita filters are actually on my list. I would definitely grab some of those and some snacky foods to sustain us while we move into an oven-less house.

  6. Diapers, with #4 due any day now,and #3 still in diapers we go through a lot 😉

  7. I would buy my sweet sister some maternity clothes/diapers as she is expecting her first baby.

  8. Sheila Laurence says:

    My kids have been back in school a few weeks already, but I really need some socks and a new jacket for fall. I typically wear a jacket all the time indoors so I can keep the thermostat lower in the winter.

  9. I need more Brita filters!

  10. Kim hamilton says:

    School supplies for homeschool!

  11. I enjoy going to Target, but since they are about 45 minutes away I don’t get there very often. It would be so fun to win a card and go on a shopping spree. Not sure what I would get, but they usually have some pretty good specials going on.

  12. I would get some diapers!!

  13. I’d love to get the 10 cup Brita pitcher.

  14. I actually started a Target list this morning–a gift card would be great!

  15. I’d like to get the space saver pitcher.

  16. Rhonda Strebeck says:

    We would shop for art supplies.

  17. I would get some school supplies for my daughter. :)

  18. I would send it to my college girl, also in her second year! :)

  19. oh I need replacement brita filters and new sneakers.

  20. Jessica Martinez says:

    A new mop and cleaning stuff

  21. With a new grandson here, I would probably buy some baby items.

  22. Honestly, I might just buy something for myself since I spend all my money on the kids clothes and homeschool supplies. :) Nah, it’ll probably be saved for their birthday gifts since they are BOTH in December!

  23. Katelyn G says:

    My sister is expecting so id probably get her a present for the baby:)

  24. I would spend it on decore for our house

  25. We are gathering supplies to send to Africa where they are suffering with the Ebola crisis. I would use it to buy Clorox wipes and bags of rice.

  26. I’ll get Brita Grand Pitcher.

  27. Jill Fazende says:

    I would probably buy pull-ups and underwear for my toddler son to ease us into potty training!

  28. I’ve been wanting to buy a new water bottle.

  29. I would get the Brita hard-sided water bottle for my kids to bring to school.

  30. Homeschool and art supplies, probably. I think it’s a sickness.

  31. I would like to get a comforter for my daughter dorm room

  32. Our family will be a licensed foster family this fall. I would buy some baby supplies!

  33. I’d get some more homeschool supplies. We’re still needing paint and I’m sure I could think of more stuff! 😉

  34. Rachel M. Dow says:

    I would most likely buy something my kids needed. Clothes, shoes, or maybe hit the clearance section of the home department and see what’s new. LOVE Target!!

  35. Karen Stafki says:

    Since I already bought most of my kids’ school supplies I would buy something for me for once! Maybe a new blouse and I would love to buy a nice water bottle as I’m pregnant right now.

  36. School supplies, diapers, and anything fun found in the clearance section!

  37. I would use it toward stuff on my baby registry!

  38. I want to try those Burt’s Bees facial wipes! And I’d also buy some new bedsheets.

  39. Cheryl Ives says:

    I would purchase a couple new t- shirts for my youngest son who is going into his sophomore year at college. (or maybe some cleaning supplies if I thought he would actually use them!)

  40. I would buy groceries!

  41. Probably some socks for my assorted children.

  42. Diapers!

  43. School clothes for my children.

  44. I’d probably use it to ease the grocery budget a little. But those brita water bottles look nice too, probably better than the old gatorade one I’m using.

  45. I would probably get clothes for my kiddos or diapers for baby #5 and #6. My other thought is maybe something for my sister. She is pregnant with her first biological child after 14 years of infertility. This was completely natural and a BIG surprise and blessing from God. I think she definitely deserves a gift. :)

  46. i am 6 months along with my 6th baby and i think i might splurge and get me a nice maternity dress! :)

  47. Jennifer Dillenbeck says:

    Back to (home) school Fall clothes (:

  48. We’d probably stock up on food items, wipes, and diapers for our son :) However, I’ve always wanted a Brita pitcher, too!

  49. Diapers!

  50. Christine C. says:

    I’d get a nice new purse! The strap on my old one broke, and I want to replace it with something cute!

  51. I’d get a backpack for my daughter!

  52. Rebecca R. says:

    New mop, groceries, mini blinds, socks for the little boys…something practical! 😉

  53. I would buy groceries

  54. Probably underwear for the kiddo and trail mix for me! I love their trail mix!

  55. I always have a Target list in my head. There are certain things we can only get there and I always seem to need to go. Right now, I need a shirt and my son needs some long sleeved shirts.

  56. Susan Christy says:

    I would use it to buy new socks.

  57. my own kiddo starts high school this year. We’d probably use it on supplies for him! high school. man, where did the years go???

  58. I would buy myself some new underwear! lol It’s way past time.

  59. Melissa Miller says:

    I would buy a bunch of water bottles.

  60. I’d shop for socks, bras, and slippers. I’m not sure how far I’d get on that list with $25, but it would be a very helpful start! Thank you for hosting the giveaway.

    BTW, do I correctly remember a gentleman friend of your college-student daughter’s writing an e-book about how to frugally earn a college degree? If so, is that still being offered for sale?

  61. i’d buy some cleaning wipes.
    always need those

  62. I’d stock up on school supplies for my kiddos classrooms. Extra supplies are always handy!

  63. Pull ups for night sleeping! We have regressed back to accidents at night ;(

  64. Kimberly Schotz says:

    I would stock up on scented candles

  65. I would love to get a new bedding set for thew upcoming fall/winter season.

    Thanks for the chance to win!
    wildorchid985 at gmail dot com

  66. Julie Reese says:

    I would get diapers for the baby! Theirs are the best quality and best deal in town!

  67. Allison Downes says:

    I own a Brita, so I would like to get some filters. I am needing to replace one already.

    Thanks for the nice giveaway!


  68. I would love to get a few new kitchen utensils like a can opener and colander.

  69. I would probably buy some Brita water bottles for the kids to carry with them. I also need some more school supplies. Thank you!

  70. I’d get coffee with the gift card.

  71. I’d really like some extra towels!!

  72. With 2 kids in college it would be a toss-up between sending it in a care package to one of them or treating mom to a Target shopping day!

  73. With 8 people, TOILET PAPER! Or maybe Christmas gifts.

  74. Patricia Wojnar Crowley says:

    I would get some school supplies, we’re in need of binders and paper!

  75. I would love to be able to get some art supplies. Baby número 6 just turned 4 weeks old and the older 5 go through art supplies like toilet paper in this house.

  76. Allison walker says:

    I would like to get a water bottle to carry water tou classes with! I might have to look into these Brita water filters! I would love to know if Madison likes it!

  77. Kristianna Myus says:

    I’d love to grab some school supplies for our 4 homeschoolers!

  78. I would like to get a couple new basic tee shirts.

  79. I would put it towards Fall clothes for my kiddos :)

  80. I’m a Target addict… Who knows what I’d go get? Probably a coffee from up front to sip as I stroll through the store and look at pretty notebooks, pillows, etc.

  81. Christina says:

    If I win I will use the Target gift card to buy my son school supplies.

  82. I would use it to buy a birthday gift for my wonderful hubby and son! :) Their shared birthday is this weekend!

  83. Lisa Beth W. says:

    I’d use it for baby gifts. Lots of newborns around here!

    I just want to add that it’s a little incongruous to have a Brita pitcher to remove chlorine from your water with Chlorox wipes right beside it. I really hope she will use good gloves when she’s using those wipes so she doesn’t negate at least part of the benefits of the filter by absorbing chlorine through her skin! :)

  84. We practically live at Target. We would buy things for the college apartment.

  85. We practically live at Target. We would buy things for the college apartment. It is very dangerous to have a Target right across the street. :)

  86. Jaclyn Reynolds says:

    I would get socks for my kids and a hair dye for myself!

  87. Amanda Fletcher says:

    I really could use a water filter pitcher.

  88. That Brita deal is great!

  89. RICHA KAUL says:

    I would love to get Brita® Space Saver!

  90. I could have used the gift card for my trip to target yesterday lol. Found a new peanut butter product that I’ve never seen elsewhere, so I would use it for more of that if I win :)

  91. amanda whitley says:

    i would get a new pair of boots for the fall.

  92. I am not sure…some food or decor, or baby clothes maybe a brita filter

  93. I would use it to buy groceries:)

  94. I would buy some workout gear! Thanks!

  95. I would buy some clothes!

  96. Tabathia B says:

    I would get some cami’s for my daughters

    tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com

  97. I just had baby #5, so I’d stock up on baby supplies.

  98. hmm…school supplies for our homeschool or maybe a new scarf or pretty something for me? :)

  99. Victoria Gottschalk says:

    I would either buy a new lamp for my bedroom or something pretty to wear.