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Saying Goodbye to Our College Girl

Screenshot 2014-08-27 04.27.05

We had to say goodbye to our college girl last week. It was something we had all been dreading the whole summer long.

Screenshot 2014-08-27 04.38.16

(Since my husband took the group pic, we had to get him in separately.)

Screenshot 2014-08-27 04.33.53

Though none of us wanted to see her leave,

Screenshot 2014-08-27 04.34.37

Some of us were more emotional than others.

It's always hard saying goodbye to our favorite people!

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  1. KATENA DYSER says:

    We had to say goodbye to our oldest he married and followed his air force wife. Its bitter sweet . Welcome to her 2nd year.

  2. Awww….I bet the little one made it hard for her to leave.

  3. Allison walker says:

    Oh my goodness! That last picture is just too sweet!

  4. I remember when my older brother went to college. I was about 7 at the time and for the first month at least I bawled when he called home on the phone. (Then, calling home was a once a week only occurrence.) I missed him so much!

    Poor little thing. I feel her pain!