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Can I Get a Witness?

Just so you can get to know me a little better, I thought I would give you a peek into what our family does at least twice each week.

Every Sunday morning and Wednesday evening, rain or shine, we all pile into our van and head up to the church building with lots of other Christians. While we are there, we listen to prepared talks about God, His Son, His word, His works, and our part in all that.

Can I get a witness?

We also sing together with no instrumental accompaniment.

These are not rehearsed choir performances. Just songs announced by a single song leader and displayed on a screen that everyone can see.

The video was not planned. The singing wasn't a performance. It was just a bunch of people praising God.

If you aren't getting this kind of encouragement and giving praise to God on a weekly basis, I strongly recommend you get yourself to a good Bible believing church and join us!

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  1. Connie,

    The music sounds so good.

    I think that you’ve mentioned that you’re Church of Christ, correct? Does Church of Christ doctrine teach that baptism is necessary for salvation? And, are instruments taboo in the Church of Christ, and, if so, why?

    • Smockity Frocks says:


      Yes, we are member of the church of Christ. Here is a short 4 minute video that sums up what we believe about baptism. http://youtu.be/wXuIvievIA0

      On musical instruments, we try to practice the main components of worship (praise, communion, scriptures, giving) in the style and spirit of the New Testament Christians, which seems to have been lacking musical instruments.

  2. Melanie Haley says:

    Love it! Us, too. If the doors are open, we’re there. My daddy, father-in-law and hubby are all preachers. Plus, both of my mom’s brothers were missionaries in Australia and still preach and teach Bible classes at OC.

  3. I grew up in the world of organized religion (specifically the c of c). Where in the new testament does it teach a sunday morning/wednesday evening model of Christianity as what Jesus modeled and died for? A religious buliding with paid staff? Where can you show me this in the new testament? How does anything the apostles taught and lived even remotely look like today’s “church”? I’m not looking to start an argument or theological debate, for sure. It’s just that as i read the new testament and the teachings of Jesus I can’t find anything remotely close to the way the organized religious world lives their lives today. Jesus teaching the disciple to have a “prepared talk” and appoint a song leader on the same specific days year after year? I’m honestly asking where is this in the new testament? I’ve witnessed first hand and personally how the unbiblical religious model does not change a heart.

    • I am not c of c, or anything, but I just have to say, no religion or religious organization is supposed to change a heart. Only a personal relationship with Jesus Christ & His Word can, Ann.
      If you are looking for a model in earnest, the early Church met on the first day of the week (Sunday) and established that as a pattern different from the Sabbath of Judaism. Also, they met from house to house in fellowship, teaching, and prayers, etc. according to Acts. Keeping in mind they were UNDER PERSECUTION, so it didn’t behoove them to have church buildings, paid staff, etc.. Jesus is the one who established singing hymns together during the Last Supper, and if you look in the book of ST. JOHN, you will see several chapters of Christ teaching whenever they met together – only Jesus (God himself taking the form of flesh) can teach like that without it being a prepared lesson, and I Cor. says we should do all things decently and in order in the context of church gatherings, so having an organizational flow to it isn’t a bad thing. Just because every detail isn’t found in Scripture, it does not therefore follow that it is un – Biblical, meaning against the Bible, there are things that we can improvise on without dishonoring God . If you can’t find ‘anything remotely close to the way the apostles taught and lived’ part of that might be because you and I aren’t at this present moment being hunted in order to be beaten, jailed, crucified, beheaded, thrown to lions, dipped in vats of boiling oil, etc. for our faith. Or it could be because you aren’t looking in a very objective way, clouded by whatever experiences you have had in the past. Jesus sent the disciples out to preach, Jesus & apostles all met in one place to pray, worship, sing, etc. Jesus was ok with having a place of worship, as in, a building, in that He never decried the existence of the Temple, only that it be a house of prayer, not a place of commerce. I am with you on the point that a lot of what is passed under the guise of ‘church’ or worship, isn’t, is totally un-scriptural, resembles more a community center or a rock concert/ drama club/ coffee & donuts party than a reverent time of focus on the Almighty God, and probably makes God sick, but you can’t label everyone based on your limited experience, and throwing out absolutes doesn’t really help the conversation either. Hope this helps in your quest for truth.

    • I have also been raised in the C of C, my husband was raised with a morman mother and catholic father, and has had many people from many denominations and my own previous church(it became previous because when we married I moved 3 states over). First new testament Churches where told to meet on the first day of the week and as often during the week as possible. Hence many churches have activities on more than just Sunday and Wendesday, those are simple the days when the preacher has prepared a message of encouragement for us. Messages of encouragement also known in English as a sermon, are mentioned in the New Testment. While yes, their is great evidence that early churches more resembled AA meatings than todays services they still had a lot in common, speakers prayers, and group singing also knows as praising the Lord by making a joyful noice. The purpose of Baptism besides the simple fact that everyone in the New Testament that asks how to become a Christian or follower of Christ is told to be baptized thru submersion, is also an outward sign of choosing to follow the Lord. Since we are all sinners even after baptism the real relationship between a person and God is only knows by that person and God. None of use has the power to know that relationship that is why we are admonished to not judge least we be judged twice as harshly.

      My own husband does not attend church, but he has been baptized, and loves the Lord, I have faith that the Lord will judge his heart.

      Blessings to you.

  4. Amen! I,m there with you. C of C, too! Thanks for sharing with us.

  5. We also are members of the body of Christ. :)