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That’s When I Decided to Make “Goat to 5K” Training Videos

As you probably have guessed, it's always something here at Smockityville. I mean, really, when you have yourself 8 kids, it's pretty much expected that you're going to hit the ground running every day and keep going until bedtime.

Rinse. Repeat.

So, last week was one of those, "WHIIIiiiiiiyyyyy do these things always happen to me???" weeks.

Here's how it went down.

Goat auction

My 12yo decided after much angst, debate, and thought, that she would like to spend every scrap of money in her savings account to buy 2 goats at a local auction for the purpose of showing at stock shows around the state.

Now, she had money in her savings account to begin with because of her success with showing animals, so she knew she could make her money back.

Possibly, that is. Because last year she didn't do as well as the year before. And one year we even had a goat that dropped dead of unknown causes before we were able to show him, so that was a total loss.

Just so you know how much money there is to be made, the top goat at the above auction went for $3,100!

So, after a long day of checking out the stock, feeling the stock, eyeballing the stock, and evaluating the stock, she finally won 2 goats with her bids, and she paid for them, and we carted them home.

To what we thought was a secure pasture.

Two days later, we awoke to discover they were nowhere to be found. Those rascals had escaped!

Now, normally if a goat we had owned for a few weeks were to escape, we wouldn't be panicked about it, because it would show up again around feeding time. But these goats were brand new to us, so they didn't know their pasture as "home" yet. Plus, they cost a pretty penny, and we were all imagining them dead on the highway or 15 miles away in some stranger's field!

So we took off trekking through the woods and adjacent pastures, with ropes in hand, looking for them.


When we finally found them, there was the matter or catching them. Remember, they weren't used to us, being brand new, so of course they darted and bolted and dashed any time we came within a hundred yards.

Have you ever tried to catch a wild goat in a neighbor's wide open pasture? Or in a woody thicket, for that matter?

Much more difficult than you might imagine.

I'm going to save you from the many and sundry descriptions of tackling, wrangling, and wrestling, but trust me. There was much of it.

Runaway goat

So, we finally caught them about a mile from our house, and then came the hard work. Dragging them back home. Don't forget they were wild. Unruly.

They bucked and resisted the. Entire. Way. Home.

I briefly tried carrying one, but that didn't work. See bucking and resisting above.

All told, we got them back in their places after much panting, heaving, sweating, and straining.

And then I realized I had precisely 20 minutes to brush the dust off change my shirt and catch the stray kitten the kids talked me into taking home from the parking lot at church to get him to the vet for some vaccinations and de-worming.

Goat to 5K

That's when it occurred to me that there are people who actually pay for memberships at places where folks would taunt them into doing these sorts of things for the sole purpose of building muscles.

So, if any of you reading this would like to build muscles in a cardio workout, I know just the place you could do it. Videos available soon.

Now, I have to run.

The goats got out again.

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  1. Woo hoo. We just bought a place and are considering getting goats… you might be talking me out of it! lol. I’m home all day with the kids (15 months, almost 3, and 5). Not sure I’d want to be chasing down missing goats with my kiddos. haha!

  2. Love your life, and your adventures. Makes me smile…

  3. What a wild ride! We love our goat girlies, and am thankful I’ve never had to chase one down. However they do keep us on our toes! Hubby has to keep fixing their fence and thankfully there’s a walnut tree by their area and they follow walnut leaves like they are the best thing ever!

  4. So many times i have been there and done that. RODEO…..i have a few pages on my blog dedicated to goats. It took me two years to put together. http://4dfarms.wordpress.com

  5. 10×10 dog lots work wonders. They are too tall for them to climb over. We put ours in when they are not tied out. No escapes so far, although our little billy has tried.

  6. I know it’s always something, and I love hearing about the fun and crazy things happening in Smockityville.

    With all of your goat-wrangling knowledge, I hope you (or other readers) might have a suggestion to help me. We have a first-time 4-h Meat Goat Project. The way ours works is that the kids from all over the state pay and receive a goat at a lottery drawing. I hear that the smaller goats used to go to the smaller (or younger) kids, but now it’s a pure lottery which goat you get. Our less than 40 lb girl ended up with a goat that was 56 lbs at the time we got it. No trades allowed. Any tips from your successful livestock manager about teaching this big fella to walk on a lead? My girl can’t walk him on her own yet because of his size and strength. She’s really discouraged about showing him since she can’t even walk him. It’s about six weeks before her first show. Thanks!

    • Smockity Frocks says:


      That is rough! We made sure our girl got small goats for just that reason.

      Maybe if she walks it several times a day with an adult or larger child on the other side the goat will get the idea to mind her.

      We use the technique we have been taught of pulling the tail up when they don’t cooperate. It gets their attention right quick.