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Why I’m Sold on Young Living Essential Oils

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If you read the story of how my baby got bad 2nd degree burns from Ramen noodles, you already know that I was amazed, as was the doctor, at how the lavender oil helped to heal her burns.

But what you might not know is that I am a very skeptical person by nature.

Whenever I am watching one of those hour long murder mystery documentaries, I always think it was the husband who did it. And whenever he tearfully tells how he didn't do it, I always think, "He's lying."

And that same skepticism carries over in lots of areas of my life.

For example, If I see an ad for a brand new stain remover, I often think "It probably won't get out the kinds of stains my kids get." And I really never trust the hype until I try it myself.

Add to that a need to research the heck out of every decision I make, and you now know why when all my friends were telling me about how amazing Young Living Essential Oils are, I was not convinced.

And I even admitted to more than one friend that I like to thoroughly research important decisions affecting the health of my family, but frankly I just did not have the time to do it. I'm a busy person! And besides Tylenol and Motrin were working fine for me, thanks anyway.

Enter 2nd degree burns. 

Not only did I suddenly find the time to research essential oils (and boy was I kicking myself for not having done it before!), but I was able to see first hand what they could do.

Enter convinced.

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Now, I have never, ever in all my 47 years signed up with any sort of multi-level marketing product. Amway, Shaklee, Avon, Pampered Chef, Jamberry, Younique. Even though I am a fan of some of those products, I am just not cut out to be a marketer.

But I now know what my friend, Stacey knew when she gave me, out of her own pocket, the lavender and refused to let me pay her. That Young Living Essential Oils are healing. And they really work.

Naturally, since the apple doesn't fall far from the tree, my kids inherited my skepticism. The first time I offered to rub peppermint oil and Panaway on my son's head when he complained of a headache, he laughed at me and said, "Get that voodoo away from me!"

But guess what he announced with astonishment 10 or so minutes later? "My headache is gone!"

When my li'l gymnast was sore from an extra grueling workout, and I applied Panaway, she said in disbelief, "That actually feels better!"

When my 19yo had the sniffles and the beginnings of a sore throat, she timidly asked for me to rub her down with Thieves.

When I used a drop of lemon oil and a drop of lavender under my tongue, instead of my customary over the counter medication for my allergies, no one, including me, thought it would actually work. And no one was more surprised than I was when I didn't have to back up that treatment with Benadryl!

So, now my children are requesting the oils instead of the drugstore medication I used to give them!

In fact, when my 10yo told me she had a headache and I reached for the children's Motrin out of habit, she said, "Mama! I thought you would give the peppermint oil head massage!"

Well, now I guess you can call me (and my entire family) accidental Young Living enthusiasts!

And I want you to try it out (and believe it) for yourselves. Because I want you to know that Young Living Essential Oils are healing. And they really work.

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Who knows? You may become an accidental enthusiast too!

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  1. I was a skeptic too!!! I thought. “Even if they DO work, it’s too much trouble to learn. I know how to use Motrin, Allegra, Benadryl, neosporin, oragel, etc. I don’t have time to learn something new”. I was amazed at how easy it was.

  2. I cannot say enough about Young Living “Di-Gize!” Stomach problems, nausea, etc. just a few drops rubbed on the belly takes the nausea away! I’ve used it on myself in those early pregnancy months and also on my kids when they feel sick to their stomachs. If you have kids and you hate cleaning up puke, I recommend this in your emergency kit!

  3. I just got my YL starter kit a few weeks ago. We were all skeptical too but they work! Panaway is the only thing that can touch my fibromyalgia pain and it helps my husband’s headaches. I’d been considering oils for 2 years before I bought them. Wish I would’ve done it sooner!

  4. Just placed my order tonight! So excited to have these oils! It’s an answer to prayer!

  5. Do you know how we can join Young Living Oils if we are not in the US? We are in New Zealand. Thank you!

    • Smockity Frocks says:


      I’m finding out from customer service. I’ll let you know!

    • Smockity Frocks says:


      Yes, Young Living ships to New Zealand. You will need to create an international account. The number for international customer service is 1-800-763-9963.