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The Day My Baby Was Burned by Ramen Noodles

*Warning: Graphic photos included.

If you follow me on Instagram and Facebook, you know that my 4 year old, Peyton, was severely burned 2 weeks ago by a bowl of Ramen noodles.

I had set the bowl on the counter in front of her, just like I had done a hundred times before. But this time, for whatever reason, she decided to get down from her stool at the counter before she had even started to eat.

I saw it all happening in slow motion. As she grabbed the counter to let her little feet reach the floor, her fingertips tipped the edge of the bowl.

Since she was below the bowl, already off the stool and on the floor, the entire contents poured onto her shoulder.

And since Ramen noodles are so sticky, they draped over her back and chest. And clung there in a steaming mass.

She shrieked a tormented scream.

And just like when a little child is standing in an ant bed with ants stinging them, but they don't know, or maybe they are too frightened, to brush them off and move away from the bed, she didn't try to brush them off.

My son got to her first and brushed them all away. I got there a half second later and hurriedly snatched her shirt off.

Her skin was fiery red and she was trembling.

I grabbed her up and ran for the shower. As soon as I turned on the cool water, her skin rose up in one massive bubble on her back and peeled away. I was horrified, but before I could turn the water off the same thing happened on her shoulder and chest.

I could hardly think straight, but I wrapped her as gingerly as I could in a towel, and ran to the van. We live about 6 miles from the hospital, and I don't remember anything about the drive there or parking the van.

I ran inside the ER with her. She was whimpering loudly, "I don't want to die. I don't want to die." The nurse at the desk stood straight up out of her chair and motioned for me to take her back. No paper work. No signing in. No showing an insurance card.

Thank you, Lord!

There were people waiting their turns, but no one objected to us going ahead of them.

The 2 hours she was being treated were a blur. There was lots of crying. She told me to blow on her burns and "never stop blowing, Mommy." There was codeine. There were bandages and antibiotic ointment. There were kind nurses and doctors. They said they see lots of Ramen burns and they are always bad. They said I did everything right and that it could have happened to anyone.

Ramen burns

This was the only picture I could bear to take of her that first day. The ER doctor told me not to take the bandages off and to follow up with my pediatrician in 48 hours.

I made an appointment with my pediatrician and showed up 2 days later. When she started to take the bandages off and stopped in her tracks. She paged her nurse and asked her to get Cook Children's Hospital in Fort Worth on the line.

Ramen burns

(48 hours after the Ramen burns)

Since it had been covered, I had mostly blocked how bad it was from my mind, and I guess I hoped it had miraculously healed under those bandages.

The doctor prescribed some Silvadene cream to put on the parts I could reach without removing bandages, but warned me that it would be toxic if she got it in her mouth. That concerned me and I asked her timidly what she thought of applying lavender essential oil on the burns. (I remembered what a relief it had been when I burned my thumb on the oven heating element.) She said she had heard a lot of great testimonies about essential oils, but she had not done any research herself on the subject. She assured me that she trusted my judgment and knew that I would do diligent research before applying them.

Truly, I was sort of hoping she would have told me "Absolutely not!" because now I knew the ball was in my court and I had a lot of research to do. (WHY hadn't I taken the time to research it before, when all my friends had raved about these oils?!)

We went straight to Children's Hospital, and on the way I called my friend, Stacey, who is into essential oils. I also texted her a picture. She was horrified at the burns, and thankfully she didn't block me for sending her such graphic images.  I frantically told her that I was desperate to get ahold of some lavender and AN Y and ALL research about applying lavender to support healthy skin.

Stacey was so dear that she said she would meet me with a bottle of lavender and some cooling spray. She also went to work sending me link after link about how lavender is great for skin health.

Once we got to that hospital, they removed as much dead skin as could be endured, which was excruciating to watch, and I can only imagine what it felt like! They assured me again that Ramen burns are the most common and the worst burns they see in children because the noodles are so sticky that they cling to the clothes and stick to the skin.

The doctors there were so kind and patient. They told us we needed to come back twice a week to get more dead skin removed, and they showed me how to gently change the bandages.

Ramen burns 2

(4 days after the incident)

This was our second trip to Children's. The burns were very slowly starting to look better. I mentioned to the doctor that I wondered what she thought about me applying lavender essential oil to the burns. She said she had not done research on it, but had heard good things. She said she could only personally recommend antibacterial ointment and/or Silvadeen cream, but she would leave it up to me.

In the meantime, Stacey sent me a TON of information and testimonies on using essential oils. She sent me lots of reference materials, an empty roller bottle, and more cooling spray. (And she did all this without charging me anything at all! What a wonderful friend!)

I looked at every bit of information I could get my hands on concerning 2nd degree burns and naturally aiding the healing. (I was still reluctant to use the Silvadeen since it was toxic if ingested!) I didn't want to put anything on my baby's tender skin that could hurt her.

I mixed up a little concoction of vitamin E, castor oil, and 100% pure lavender essential oil since I had read that each of those is excellent in supporting healthy skin. I put the concoction in the roller bottle Stacey gave me, and very gently applied it to the burns.

Ramen burns 3

(7 days after being burned)

I did this every 2-3 hours throughout the days in between hospital visits. Finally, on our last visit the doctor said, "I don't know what you are putting on this, but KEEP IT UP!"

I was so thrilled that the essential oil blend I made had worked! Best of all, it was non-toxic! I didn't have to worry about her accidentally ingesting any of it.

Now that we are on the tail end of this horrifying experience I can say a few things with certainty.

  • We are never having Ramen in our house ever again.
  • Good friends who care and pray are wonderful!
  • Essential oils WORK! (I mean, LOOK at the photos!)

Honestly, I have been a little skeptical as all my friends have been raving on and on about essential oils, but during this desperate time when Stacey reached out to me and gave me what I needed to help her skin, out of her own pocket, not asking anything in return, it has proved to me that there must be something to them!

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  1. So glad to see your little one healing up so nicely! I never would have thought about Ramen being dangerous, but it makes sense that the sticky factor would complicate things. I’ve had great experiences with Lavender and burns too. The most notable one I can tell you about was when I accidentally spilled molten honey on my hand. I immediately got it under cold running water, but it was raised and red and very painful. As soon as I got it out of the water I applied Lavender oil neat, and the next morning there was no hint of any redness or blistering and no pain. We use lavender in place of antibiotic ointment for all of our little ouchies. I also made a sunburn spray to keep in the fridge by mixing 6 oz witch hazel and 10 drops lavender in a spray bottle. So soothing! I’m thinking about keeping it on hand for scrapes and possibly for soothing my sore mama-parts after our baby is born later this year.

  2. Oh, friend. My heart hurts for Peyton AND for you!!! I can’t fathom the worry, and I never in a million years would have thought of Ramen doing that.

    HATE that you have to go through that, but so glad it made you look into the healing power of Young Living essential oils. We use them for everything! :)

  3. I love this testimony, Connie, but I hate that our sweet Peyton (and you) had to go through this. I have recently started using Young Living, too, and we use them for everything (Stacey is the bomb digity).

  4. I’m so sorry for your sweet girl! I just want to say that when I make Ramen, I boil the noodles, drain out the boiling water and put fresh, cold water in the noodles. Only then do I put in the spice packet. This makes the noodles eating temp. right away. I never thought of it as a burn preventative, but I guess it would prevent burns, too. Again, so sorry, Mama!

  5. Oh, my heart just aches reading this. Really, it made me choke up. I am SO sorry you are all going through this! I have never heard of Ramen burns before and I THANK YOU for writing this so we can be aware. My littles sure wouldn’t hesitate to do the very same thing that Miss Peyton did. They are always reaching up onto the counter the same way.

    I had no idea that Lavender was good for burns! I love Young Living Oils for so many other ailments, but have never heard of using some on burns. I guess I’ll be adding a bottle of lavender to my emergency supply!

    Prayers for peace and for swift healing.

  6. Stephanie says:

    I am glad your child is better. But who gives their kid a madly hot bowl of anything? I hope you have learned a lesson from this….

    • You might notice that the entire post is about how she’s “learned her lesson.” And if you read the rest of the comments, almost no one knew such a thing could happen with a common kid food like Ramen noodles. Her post is letting us know her experience to prevent future accidents from happening. Please be helpful with comments.

    • mom of 4 says:

      Are you KIDDING ME????? It must be nice to come from the land of perfect. Please tell me how it feels to have never made a mistake in your entire life? Must be nice sitting up there on that throne of yours looking down on others.

    • She said before she didn’t think the noodles were *that* hot! I’m glad you never made a mistake that harmed someone. . .she’s trying to warn the rest of us humans about a danger we may not have been aware of. Anyway, I don’t see why you feel the need to make someone feel worse than they already do.

  7. This made me tear up. I’m so sorry that happened to your baby. Definitely gives me some thought on making ramen noodles for the kids! I am also thrilled to hear that you were able to use essential oils to heal her so well. Is she scarred from this? Thank you for sharing your story.

  8. Jacqueline says:

    Wow, can’t believe ramen noodles would do that! Those are some nasty burns. Glad the lavender helped, though!

  9. Thank you for sharing both about Ramen noodles (glad we don’t eat them now !) and lavendar. I was a little surprised to see castor oil in the concoction. I’m really glad it worked for you, but some people (myself included) have had skin reactions to castor oil, it can make it really red and itchy. Maybe coconut oil would be a good substitute for us.

    • I wanted to add another caution about lavender oil – not really applicable here since the baby is a girl, but lavender oil has been linked to prepubertal gynecomastia from its estrogenic properties (those same ones that encourage the great cell growth that promotes the healing). The condition will resolve after the oil application is stopped. Like any drug, natural or synthetic, I believe it is important to know as much as possible to weigh your decisions for use carefully.

  10. Thank you for sharing this! We have four little ones and my husband is a Ramen lover. I’ll have to share this with him. My BFF’s oldest child accidentally ran a golf cart into a large deep fryer full of hot oil when she was about Peyton’s age. Her burns were more severe, requiring skin grafts and some hair implants. I know she would have loved to use a concoction like yours. Praying for Peyton’s continued healing!

  11. Your baby was not burned by Ramen noodles- she was burned by a mom who put a steaming bowl in front of her. Not that all moms haven’t done some stupid things… Therefore but the grace of G-d. The title of your blog blames the noodles, maybe you wanna rethink that

    Glad she is healing.

    • Comments like this make me sick. It was an accident. Things happen. The majority of your comment is rude, maybe YOU wanna rethink THAT!

    • I think that you may have missed the point of the PSA that she was trying to get across. Yes, soup is hot, she isn’t ignorant of that. I would bet that her child wanted to eat hot soup, but you know, I bet she like cold soup too, because it’s so tasty. The point is that Ramen noodles are especially dangerous because the hot noodle sticks to your skin. Soup alone would probably hurt but wouldn’t be especially dangerous it’s the noodles that are the problem, hence the point of the title. It’s not like she dumped the ramen on her child. It was an accident. I don’t know why people have to be so judgemental, especially moms. We should all be more willing to share our ups and downs with others in the hopes that they could avoid the same heartache, and support each other. Comments like yours only stop people from sharing their stories and helping others. Perhaps you should rethink the judgemental attitude, it has the potential to do more harm then you realize.

      Also, I’m glad your little girl is doing so much better and I’m sorry you both had an experience like that. But thank you for sharing so that others, like myself, can hopefully avoid a similar accident.

    • Ann Matlack says:

      I have known this young mother since she was about her childs age. She would never do anything to harm her child. She is one of the most caring and loving mothers I have ever known. She and my daughter were best friends growing up and are still great friends 40 years later. Your judgment of her is way off base and you should deeply apologize to her for your statement. It was an accident. Accidents happen to all of us. I pray nothing happens to you or your child and someone makes such a scathing remark to you as you have to her. Connie. I am so thankful to God your baby girl is doing so well. I will continue to pray for her healing…Love you and hang in there.

  12. Wow! That is an impressive testimony of the healing power of essential oils. I will definitely check out that link. I am so thankful to God that your baby is healing so well!

  13. brandie says:

    Lavender oil is awesome!!! I started using it on burns about a year ago and it was a game changer for me ( I love to bake, but I am horribly clumsy and manage to burn my fingers or hands about 80% of the time I cook). I keep a bottle in the kitchen always. Good for sunburns too. I also started taking lavender oil capsules made in Germany at night due to anxiety. The y really help to relax you without the dopey side effect like benzodiapams give. I’m glad your little one is healing from her boo-boos. Essential oils are fascinating, and I love reading how people use them day-to-day.

  14. My sister was a young teenager when she made a bowl of ramen noodles and sat down to watch a movie. She had done this many times before, but the contents spilled onto her lap and ended up with similar burns. It can even happen to adults. She just had to make sure for a year afterward to not get a sunburn and wear sunscreen. So glad she is ok! :-)

  15. matthew says:

    First off I would like to say I am glad that your kid is doing better and I’m sorry this happen to your kid, but this isn’t ramen noodles fault, this is an accident that happened by not paying attention to your situation. Just be more aware of what your kids are doing.

    • “Your job is not to judge. Your job is not to figure out if someone deserves something. Your job is to lift the fallen, to restore the broken, and to heal the hurting.”
      ― Joel Osteen

    • It’s the same principle as wearing natural fiber clothing if you are riding in an airplane. In the extremely unlikely event that an aircraft (or any vehicle for that matter) catches fire, you are going to sustain much more severe and significant burns if you are covered in synthetic fabrics that melt and stick to your skin.

      Of course it would be nice if there was no fire, but the severity of the injury will be your clothings’ fault.

  16. Lois J. says:

    I am SO sorry about the uncaring, insensitive comments that are being put on here! Rather shocks me! Obviously, most times we get hurt, it’s not that THING’S fault…we were either not being very careful or it was an ACCIDENT!!
    Anyway, now that I vented a bit, sorry….. I feel for you and your baby so much and it was a good lesson for ALL of us. I’ve let my children make Ramen soup on their own many times…I may rethink that now. I also was ignorant. :-( I’ve heard some about Young Living oils, and now my curiosity is really piqued! I’m gonna check into them. May God continue to richly bless you!

    • I agree with Lois. Shocked at the insensitive comments here. I say this to Connie: Don’t concern yourself with the opinions of those who judge you. That is placing on them an importance they do not have.

  17. I love this testimony but hate that your family had this ordeal. I have dealt with horrific burns on myself. My child has dealt with it and its more painful to watch my child. Thanks for the info on young living oils.

  18. Hate these comments! thanks for warning people!! Shame on the people commenting with negativity!!

  19. I’ve been reading your blog for years (I remember Peyton being born) but I never comment because I suck. Anyway, I am sooooo glad that she is okay and sooooo glad that you had someone close to you that knew about essential oils. I had no idea where your post was going and I was only a few lines into it before I was screaming at the computer (in a frantic way, not a mean/psycho way) “YOU NEED LAVENDER OIL!” and I was just one more graphic photo away from snatching my bottle off of the dresser and trying to figure out a way to shove it through my computer screen. Which I don’t think would’ve benefited either of us, but I’m not so great in emergency situations. Thank God you had a friend that could help you, your poor, sweet baby!
    My kids love Ramen too. In our family we call it “snake soup”, have since I was a kid. My kids won’t eat anything unless it’s practically ice cold (soup always goes into the fridge with ice cubes before they’ll touch it) but I’m still going to send this to my mom and MIL so that they’re aware of just how dangerous it is.
    So glad Peyton’s okay. And welcome to the Young Living family. Just wait for the Westside Story-esque online turf wars between Young Living and doTerra users in the comments. Those are always fun 😉

    • Cindee Nebeker says:

      A quick way I cool down ramen noodles is to drain off the hot water, add cool water, and THEN add the seasoning packet. It might be faster than ice cubes and the fridge.

  20. Same thing happened to me, except I was in Cancun and I’m an adult :-(. I used La Mer Concentrate, and did not develop a single scar. It’s expensive but so worth it. http://www.cremedelamer.com/product/CAT9090/PROD12421/

  21. It takes a lot of courage to put your mistakes in the limelight so that others may benefit from them. To open yourself up to the judgement and criticism of others, simply because you want to protect some one else from making the same mistake is an honorable thing. Because this mother was willing to have others cast a wary eye at her and wonder about what kind of mother she is, she undoubtedly will spare other children and grown ups the agony that her little girl’s body and her mamma’s heart had to endure.

    People, when someone endures a trauma of any kind, especially when it could be conceivably due to their own actions or in-actions, do you really think it is necessary to point that out to them. How many hours to you think this mother spent beating her self up in her mind over this incident? More than any one else probably could beat her up for, I am sure.

    This is what it means by “it takes a village”. We learn from each other’s mistakes only when we are willing to be courageous enough to share them with one another. We could simply cover them up and keep it private and remove the possibility that we will have to endure any abuse over it. But in sharing comes the healing. Knowing that someone else’s child may never have to suffer the same turn about, is part of what helps us to make since out of suffering. Having someone put their arm around you and say, “it’s ok, we all fall short of perfection, we will get through this together,” helps us to forgive ourselves. Casting stones just makes a big pile of rocks – useful for building walls and barriers, but not much else. It is not perfection that makes us beautiful, but how we deal with our imperfections.

    This woman is passing on a painful lesson “that she learned the hard way”, so someone else won’t have to. Be thankful, be compassionate, express some empathy, some word of encouragement or be quiet. You don’t have to say every negative thought that pops into your head. It really isn’t at all helpful to anyone reading it where in fact her post will help someone out there somewhere.

  22. Thank you for sharing about your experience with your daughters burns and lavender oil.

    In the end it does not matter how the incident came to occur and what exactly caused the injury, what matters is that the child is doing well and a mom has taken the time to share with us what has worked in her situation. Praying God’s Blessing over you and your family.

  23. Oh, sweet, sweet baby! My heart wrenched when I saw those photos. Please don’t beat yourself up for this accident, because that’s exactly what it was an ACCIDENT! We mommies are human too and as such don’t always do things to perfection. If you’re anything like me, you sat that bowl down on the counter while little Peyton was still playing “knowing” that when she finally got to her place it would be just right! (I always have to hunt my littles down to sit for a meal!) Again, accidents happen and your little one knows that you would never mean for her to get hurt. The pictures AND the snide comments literally brought tears to my eyes.

    And I must say, I am truly AMAZED at the 7 days after photos! That’s got to make you feel better! I mean, who knew lavender oil could HEAL this swiftly and this well!?

    I personally have learned 3 things from this candid post. 1. Ramen noodles cause nasty burns due to their stickiness (and they are the Number 1 cause of childhood burns! Woa!) 2. Lavender Oil ROCKS! 3. People make uncalled for, inconsiderate, cold, hurtful,unthoughtful remarks when it is someone else’s mistake.

    May Yah bless you and yours Connie!

  24. Smockity Frocks says:

    Thank you, everyone for the kind comments, and mostly for the prayers! I appreciate you all so much!

  25. Oh Connie I am so sorry about this! How horrible for your little girl! She is in my prayers.
    As for the nasty comments- I know you would never hurt your child! It was an accident that could happen to anyone. I am sorry for their insensitive nasty words.
    I can’t afford to buy oils now but you made a believer out of me! I will be saving up!

  26. Serenity says:

    I am so sorry this happened to you and your little girl! When my oldest daughter was 13 months old I set my cup of coffee down on the counter and she reached up and spilled it all over her face before I could stop her. There is nothing like that feeling… Just like you, I would have paid anything to trade places with my daughter. Her burns were healed in a couple of days but I still feel sick when I think about it. Praying for your little girl:). Thank you for the info on Ramen and essential oils :).

  27. vena brown says:

    Oh I am so sad for her AND for you because it was an accident, but I know as a mom we relive these incidents. Solo glad she is ok and healing. Don’t listen to the meanies! It was an ACCIDENT! ♡

  28. Those pictures are so upsetting! What a terrible thing to have happened to your daughter. I am linking to a story about the benefits of medical honey (graphic pictures) – a friend’s daughter also suffered from a burn and the medical honey worked wonders, much like your oil.

  29. I am so, so sorry you had to endure this. I am even more sorry one of your precious babies had to. Praise God for your friend who introduced you to the oils! And for God’s provision in making them and getting them to you just in time! This very thing could have happened any time at my home add we have ramen noodles often. Thank you for sharing so we can learn and be more careful. I’ll pray she has no permanent damage or scarring! I’m absolutely blown away at the healing power of these oils!

  30. It seems to me the burn risk with ramen noodles is so high because they have a very high oil content. Whether the noodles are flash-fried before packaging or the oil is just a part of the noodle dough, it allows the noodles to get hotter and more importantly, retain their heat much longer. It also means that cold water won’t wash off or cool the area nearly as effectively (because water and oil don’t mix). Foods with a higher fat content always pose a higher burn risk. Ramen noodles are an awful combination because they are also prone to spillage.

    (Just thought I’d add my two cents, as I have a passion for chemistry and it comes in handy here. )

    I’m so glad your daughter is making a swift recovery. It definitely seems the treatment you gave her at home may have helped, but speaking from a background in science, I’ll add a word of caution to anyone running out to buy lavender oil after reading this. The doctors who told you they hadn’t done research personally on essential oils didn’t mention that there is not ANY scientifically sound research that points to lavender oil improving healing time on burns. If using an essential oil helps you to harness the (very strong!) power of placebo to heal, and does no harm, then that is wonderful. But one anecdote is far from scientific proof. :) I’m sure the author wasn’t trying to paint it as such, but some of the comments seem to have taken this story and run with it!

    Also, a side note: just because a topical medicine is not safe to ingest, does not mean it is harmful when applied topically. Though, of course you’re entitled to decline treatment for any reason, I would have followed the doctor’s recommendation for treatment in that case with no reservation, personally.

  31. So glad she is healing!
    I actually heard a radio program on Ramen burns a while back. I think it said that in addition to the noodles, the reason this happens so often is that there is something about the shape of the cup that makes it more likely to tip over. Very brave of you to post this and help warn others.

  32. Who would feed their child that crap anyway. Poor kid for having to eat those chemicals and then for dumping them on herself.

  33. Mary Ruchinn says:

    Feeding kid Ramen. Score.

    God’s hand dumped the Ramen so you could discover lavender oil. You never knew God invented lavender oil for you to combat Ramen burns?

    Yay God!

  34. I was doing some research on lavender oil for my toddlers burns and came across this website. My toddler tipped over the table last weekend while my husband was eating ramen noodles and burned his entire left arm. Hospital prescribed Silvadene as well, but I was hoping to find something more effective. I’m worries about scarring as well. Thank you for the information! I hope your daughter is doing better now!

  35. I wonder if you could give me the recipe for ur skin concoction that you used on your daughter. It sounds amazing.


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