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Fun Kids’ Activities For Summer

Now that school is out, parents are bound to hear that all too familiar, "What are we going to do today?" or maybe even the dreaded, "I'm bored."

(Although, my kids know not to pull out the "bored" statement, because I usually hand them a toilet brush. Clears the boredom right up.)

Here are some fun kids' activities for summer. 

1. Make your own bug viewer and send everyone outside for a friendly bug collecting competition.

2. Plan a scavenger hunt. (<-Click for free printable!)

3. Make your own books.

4. Make Sharpie tie dye t-shirts.

5. Make your own bubbles.

6. Sidewalk chalk picture races.

7. Study fireflies with these firefly activities.

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8. Have a daily Bible study.

9. Read some books. (<-- Our favorite read alouds.)

10. Your turn! What are your favorite summer activities? Please, share in the comments!

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  1. Hang out in a pool! or play in a sprinkler. Wash the car? Getting wet.