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This One’s For Cheryl

Once a couple of years ago, I got into a semi-heated discussion on Facebook with a friend of a friend.

Cheryl, a college professor, was bemoaning the fact that homeschooled kids are just not properly educated and prepared for college.

I didn't know Cheryl personally, but since she was stating this opinion on my friend's page, I was able to join in on the discussion. I pointed out to Cheryl that not all homeschoolers are alike, and just like a random sampling of any group of people would be varied, there would be some studious, some serious, some awkward, some dullards, some intelligent, and so on.

Cheryl disagreed. She maintained that every homeschooled kid she had ever come across in her college classroom was ill-prepared and socially inept. (She never said whether that was one or one hundred.) She insisted this experience must represent the entire population of homeschoolers.

She claimed that homeschoolers who somehow manage to bumble through high school and actually make it to college do not know how to understand assignments, don't have the time management skills to complete assignments or turn them in on time, and don't have the competency to get them done in a manner worthy to be graded.

She said that homeschoolers simply could not cope with the demands of life away from their previous sheltered existence, and she predicted that homeschoolers could not do well in the "real world."

This one's for you, Cheryl.

Meet Madison

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  1. I believe there is only one word that is an appropriate comment for this post.


  2. Don’t you just love being able to do that? I mean, I know somewhere deep down inside that bragging isn’t “nice” but it’s just oh so necessary and easy some times. :) Good for Madison, btw :)

  3. *Connie drops mic, walks off stage accompanied by roaring applause, turns around, pics up mic, drops it again.

  4. Although I don’t homeschool, I have nothing against it by the way and am happy for those that can do it but… I love this. I agree with Amy… ‘BOOM’.

  5. Jessica Medina says:

    its more like a booyah! For real though..congrats!

  6. When people ask me if homeschooled children can go to college or get scholarships, I say “Let me tell you about my friend Connies daughter, Madison…” 😉

  7. Yolande Wilson says:

    Oh Connie, your post was so eloquent…but you know I have to act up:
    Whoops! There it is!!
    Bam! In yo face!
    Ok…I’m sure Cheryl has gained something good from all this…at least we hope! Love you!

  8. I teach college writing and all of the homeschool students I’ve come across in almost 5 yrs of teaching (okay…only about 3 stated they homeschooled!) have been some of, if not the, best prepared students I’ve taught. They were the ones to challenge me, to call me out if something didn’t make sense to them, and they had tremendous work ethics. Just sayin’.

  9. Apparently, Cheryl is ignorant. I was homeschooled. Graduated from college with a B.A. in 3.5 yrs., cum laude.

  10. Interesting that Cheryl believes the opposite of what I’ve seen. My older children all were educated traditionally. They’re all college grads. I also have a 6 yo. My older son, Will, (UMich MSEE grad on a full scholarship) is the one who is encouraging me to homeschool my little guy. Will roomed with a homeschooled guy. He recognized how much more his friend KNEW. As Will says, his traditional education taught him how to do well on tests. But he didn’t learn the material well at all. He did just what was needed to get good grades. Now, at 29, he’s reading all those books and texts again on his own, hoping to fill in the gaps from a very successful traditional education. He wants to catch up with his homeschooled friend.

    Way to go Connie and all your children!!!!

  11. I was homeschooled kindergarten all the way through high school. Received a full scholarship from a liberal arts school, graduated with a B.A. magna cum laude. I was told by one of my professors that homeschooled students were some of the best students she’s ever had. College isn’t for everyone, homeschooled or not, but if homeschool parents are committed to preparing their college-inclined kids for higher education, it’s a great experience for everyone. Way to go with preparing Madison to accomplish her goals!

  12. Jennifer says:

    My husband is a college professor.

    We homeschool. He doesn’t like what he sees coming out of the public schools.

  13. Woohoo! I’ll just add in my homeschool stories too. My oldest began college at 16. Her professors used her writing assignments as examples of proper writing on a regular basis. She excelled in college, and is now married to the man of her dreams (you know, considering how awkward she must be and all). My second homeschool graduate attends the very tough New College Franklin, and is about to finish her first year….with no debt. She is traveling to Africa for the third time to love on the orphans. I wish I had prepared her for life a little better! ; )

    Way to go, Connie! And way to go, Madison!

  14. 😀 I homeschool because when I started college I quickly recognized that my public school education totally failed to prepare me.

  15. I love this!!! Connie you and your family inspire me so much.

    We homeschool. Someone told me a few years back that it was a PROVEN FACT that ALL homeschooled children are lazy.

    Proven fact.

    He never would tell me where his research came from. My guess, he pulled it from his rear…..

  16. This is my 24th year of Homeschool. I feel like I am doing a much better job with my younger two than my older two. However, my older two boys are very successful men!! They are both wonderful husbands, fathers, and are very successful in their work. They are often promoted and move up the ladder at work. They both own homes. They love the Lord and are the kind of men you would want to run into in a dark alley. My two would serve and protect you.
    My younger two are still in their teens, their knowledge of the gospel astounds me. They are kind and considerate. I try not to take the credit…because they still had choices and chose to serve the Lord. I am so blessed.
    Congrats to Madison…oh and my oldest is just finishing his bachelors degree in business, while working full time. : )

  17. I was in public school until the 5th grade & then in private school until graduation. I hate social situations where I don’t know everyone, I am extremely shy and always feel awkward. I also had no time management when it came to my college work. I was constantly turning in assignments late. But had I been homeschooled everyone would have blamed my personality traits on my schooling instead of it just being who I am.

  18. I work with an attorney who was homeschooled. I’d say he’s done quite well for himself. You know, graduating from UT Law School ain’t too shabby. He’s an associate in a small, but high profile law firm in downtown Austin. I’d say he has reasonable social skills and the ability to succeed in life.

    Maybe Cheryl didn’t know all the homeschoolers in her class, because you know like professors really hang out with their students and know their stories? And her opinion was obviously formed in the most scientific manner from a broad sampling of data. Right?

  19. Cowcounter says:

    Might as well throw my story in here… I was homeschooled from 3rd grade through High School, as an only child in a very rural, isolated environment and loved it. Upon completing High School, I did well enough on the SAT to completely skip Freshman English, without so much as taking an additional test. I decided on my own to attend a college 1,500 miles away from home. Was it a culture shock? Absolutely! Was I homesick? Sure was! But so were most of my fellow freshmen who were far from home! Anyway, the work I was assigned in my freshman year seemed so easy to me after my mom’s rigorous teaching! Bottom line is, I stayed in college and obtained my B. S., graduating summa cum laude. I’m now 39 years old, married to a public school teacher, and have 2 children, ages 3 and 5. We made the decision to homeschool our children before the first one was even born. At the present time, our 5 year old daughter is completing a full year of 1st grade work, reading fluently, and constantly gets complements on her beautiful penmanship. The 3 year old knows his ABCs, what sound most of the letters make, and can write quite legibly. So far, I don’t think any thinking person could say they are “behind their peers”. As for being “socially inept”, they play beautifully with the other children at church, and the 3 year old routinely speaks with and entertains strangers in the supermarket. Okay…I will now climb down off my soapbox.

  20. We’ve been discussing this very thing in our household these past several days. Our college-aged son is hearing from his professors just the opposite viewpoint. Interesting that a large percentage of students finishing with top grades and working as tutors and receiving honors and top scholarships are students who were educated at home.

  21. Mary Beth says:

    Rock on!

  22. My husband teaches college and has often complimented how very much more prepared his homeschooled students have been. As a former public school teacher myself, we decided to homeschool our son, who has done so very well that it would seem like bragging if I shared it all! I am so grateful to God that He blessed us with the opportunity and desire to homeschool. It has been a joy!

  23. I personally know two homeschooling families who have a child who received a full ride scholarship to a major university.