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Marie Madeline Love


Marie Madeline top

Have you ever?

Marie Madeline top back

Could you just?

Marie Madeline top sassy

I mean really?

I was super excited to snag this adorable custom creation from Marie Madeline Studio for PRACTICALLY FREE! I had a $15 off coupon, and this top was on the sale page for $18, so I got it for ONLY $3! (I could have chosen fabric for $15, but I am lazy like that.)

I got the $15 off coupon from the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle, and guess what some of the other freebies and coupons are?

Dayspring freebies

Ultimate Homemaking Bundle Freebies

Ultimate Homemaking Bundle Freebie

And that's not all! There are over $200 worth of freebies in the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle! Never mind the HUGE library of ebooks, printables and eCourses that come in the bundle! All for under $30!

I will be using the proceeds I earn from affiliate fees to fly to Spokane with my li'l gymnast in June for the USAGymnastics Junior Olympics, so I appreciate all of you who purchase through my links here! (air kiss)

In fact, I so appreciate you that I will send each person who buys through my link "How to Manage Your Mouth FOR KIDS - A 30 Day Wholesome Talk Challenge," which is a companion to the adult version (included in the bundle).

PLUS, I'm offering a special bonus just for Smockity readers: a drawing for a $30 Amazon gift card! Simply buy your bundle from my link, and forward the receipt of your purchase to smockityfrocks@yahoo.com. (See complete terms and conditions here.)

THANK YOU for you support! (side hug)

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  1. Side hug…hahahaha…Duggar style. :)

  2. Super cute outfit and gotta love a good deal!

  3. MotherLydia says:

    I’m looking at their patterns. Happen to remember which pattern this was?