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Autism Friendly Beach Resort

Do you remember when I took my 12yo to The Tradewinds Island Resorts on St. Pete Beach, Florida?

TradeWinds Island Resort2

We had a fabulous time, and she especially loved the KONK club, where she could paint ceramics at kid sized tables, watch Disney movies in bean bag chairs, and choose a sand art project. (It has windows all around, so I could see what she was doing while I floated in the pool.)

autism friendly beach resort

Well, while we were enjoying our resort stay, we found out that The Tradewinds Isand Resorts has been designated as an autism friendly facility by the Center for Autism and Related Disabilities. Tradewinds employees have even undergone training on how to better meet the needs of guests who have autism and their families.

If needed, the resort even has a “Safety Kit” available for your use, which includes a hanging door alarm, corner cushions for tables and outlet covers.

If your family is looking for a vacation destination that can meet the needs of guests who have autism, you should definitely check out The Tradewinds Island Resorts!

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  1. Tradewinds is a terrific resort. My cousin’s son is autistic and Tradewinds is one of their favorite places to stay. They really do go above and beyond for their guests with disabilities. They also host the autism conference every year, giving kids the chance to interact with others like them while their parents can learn about the newest developments in autism research. Thanks for writing about this fantastic place.

  2. Thank you for sharing my son is autistic and what a great company to work for.

  3. This will be first for me to check out when we can book a real vacation. We have three kids with special needs and it can be hard figuring out a vacation destinations.

  4. That’s awesome! Perhaps more companies, businesses, and resorts will catch on and follow suit.