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How to Help When Someone Loses a Job

When my husband suddenly lost his job a couple of years ago, we had so many friends and even many strangers who heard about our plight and helped us out.

Local friends brought us food for our pantry and freezer, gifted us with Sonic cards and pool passes, and checked with us at church to see what specific needs we had.

One of the ways long distance friends helped us was to subscribe to have toilet paper and diapers sent to us monthly via Amazon.

Since then my husband found a great new job and we don't have any financial worries for the time being. Praise God!

That time was rough for us, but it has opened my eyes to how to bless others when they are going through financial difficulties.

Everyone needs toilet paper, right?

If you know someone who has a financial burden, why not have diapers and/or toilet paper delivered to them monthly from Amazon until they get on their feet? (Check with them first to make sure they aren't already getting this need met.)

Helping those in financial need

If you choose the "subscribe now" option, the delivery will be repeated until you cancel.

Just this week, I did the same thing for friends who are suddenly unemployed. It's simple to do and useful for the recipient. I know first-hand how this act can relieve just one bit of financial burden when there is no job and every penny counts.

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  1. My husband was laid off right before thanksgiving. He got a decent severance and we have a little savings in the bank. People are asking how we are doing and for now we are fine for at least 6 months we should be just fine…. but we don’t know if this will last 6 weeks or 6 mmonths more at this time, something like this would be nice to know that’s something off the budget that we wont have to think about….I will keep this in mind when we are again gainfully employed. Its not about how we are right now…its about helping the person cause God has blessed you st this time.

  2. I am have a similar situation with the post above. My husband got laid off on November 22. I will never forget the shock and the amount of despair I felt when he came home and told me the news. I was one of those strangers that sent you a check in mail when your husband (Connie) lost his job. However, I did not understand the deeper feeling of it until I had the same thing happen to me. With a little baby on our hands and bills, I can only truly say the “My hope is in You, Lord. My strength is in You, Lord.” That is one of my favorite songs. I did lose faith in the beginning, but I am sure somehow God will provide. I am happy that your husband now has a job and you had people that helped you in your time of need. Blessings.

  3. I have a close friend currently going thru this, I bring her food staples when I see her, I make sure they are things her family eats. It is easier for me with less kids to get out and bargain shop as she has 5 littles and the cost of gas for her car is more prohibitive.
    I love the amazon idea though, I will keep this in mind!

  4. This is such a wonderful tip! Who doesn’t need toilet paper? If nothing else, I’m not worrying about if their kids will eat it or if it’s embarrassing to them to receive it. It would just arrive anonymously. :)