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Fun With Our Zip Line

We have been having SO MUCH fun with the zip line we got for Christmas!

zip line platform

We had a platform built in our back yard for take off.

zip line set up

And a small one built in the woods beyond for landing.

This is the zip line we have. (Affiliate link) It is 90 feet long, very well made, and holds up to 250 pounds! It has a seat and a handle with a rubber grip for holding on.

The kids are out there at first light zipping away! Okay, maybe I have been enjoying it a little, too!

Here's a video so you can see for yourself how fun it is! And a little bonus of me singing. Can you believe my kids think I'm embarrassing when I drive them around?!

And in case you love that song as much as I do, here's where you can buy it! (Affiliate link)

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  1. Oh goodness! Thanks for sharing! I needed that today!! And, girl, those American Idol kids have got nothing on you. :)

  2. We should TOTALLY drive around together!!!!

  3. That looked like fun! How do you stop?