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7 Shocking Truths About Homeschoolers

7 Shocking Truths About Homeschoolers

1. We really don't know how to line up.

You've heard the rumors and it's true. You can always identify a group of homeschoolers at the zoo or a museum because we don't line up. We "gob" up.

2. We don't "go to" p.e.

Yep. You heard it here first. Homeschoolers climb and run and bike and cartwheel and join soccer and gymnastics and swim teams. But if you ask them about p.e. they might ask you what those letters stand for.

3. We don't line up for lunch. (See #1 above.)

In fact, sometimes homeschoolers realize they feel hungry, and they wander into the kitchen, grab an apple, and start eating it without forming any line whatsoever.ย 

Homeschoolers eat lunch in the kitchen, whenever their mom gets it ready, or in some cases whenever they get it out of the fridge and slap it together for themselves. They eat around the table, talking, and laughing, and enjoying the break in the day with the rest of their family.

Or on a blanket under a tree in the yard. Whichever.

4. We're mavericks.

We're accustomed to blazing our own trails. Marching to our own beat. If there isn't a class, program, or group we need, we start our own.

5. We check out as many books as we want at the library.

And we read them all.ย (This only applies if you have an awesome library or a really stubborn mom [see #4 above] who challenges the library board on check out limits.)

6. We forget what grade we're in.

Occasionally, okay... often, we pause and look up and to the left at an imaginary calendar of years whenever anyone asks us what grade one of the kids is in.

7. We're actually quite well socialized. Thanks for asking.

Homeschooled teens aren't afraid to pick up the phone and call around to find where they can buy a couple of alpacas to give for a birthday gift, or stop in the middle of an algebra lesson and head out the doorย when a neighbor needs help, or single-handedly organize a fund raiser to build a water well in Africa.

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  1. Oh my. Thanks for letting me off the hook as far as what grade my kids are in. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I have enough trouble remembering how old they are much less the less important info of what grade. I love your blog, btw.

  2. I am so glad I am not the only one who forgets what grade we are in. They look at my daughter funny at the dentist when they ask her what grade she is in, she goes I think 6th. Love homeschooling

  3. LOVE!!!

  4. Homeschoolers don’t ask to go to the bathroom. They just stop what they are doing and head over to the john without letting anyone know. They also complain about foods they don’t like, complain about having to do copy work (at least mine do), and they rush through the subjects they don’t like to get to the ones they do. They also give people blank stares when people start talking about “homework.”

    • Mine too! That copywork thing can be brutal. One of my kids recently told me that since I already wrote it so nice, why did I need them to write it again? And someone recently asked my 5th grader about his favorite subject in school. His reply? “Oh. I don’t go to school anymore.”

  5. Rachel Crossley says:

    My sisters and I were homeschooled and we never could remember what grade we were in :) We also loved to read! We would get 10 books each and have them read in a week.

    • Suzanne Barker says:

      Same here ๐Ÿ˜€ I’m from a homeschool family of 12 and by the time I moved out on my own I had read pretty much every decent book at our library ๐Ÿ˜‰

  6. But we do line up! We line up at WalMart. LOL! :)

  7. Glad mine aren’t the only ones who have no clue what “line up” means!!! Although I can totally relate to the previous comment about lining up in Walmart……:)

  8. I say that if you want to confuse a homeschooled kid just ask him what grade he’s in. We also call ourselves grazers, now is always a great time for a snack. What’s this whole lunch *hour* nonsense anyway?

  9. #3 – We do line up for lunch because we serve buffet style (aka everybody takes a spoonful of leftovers or they eat it again the next day) :) We do often go outside to eat though because winter in TX = almost perfect

    #6 – Grades? Hmmm. Yes. My husband took our oldest son to the doctor once and neither could remember what grade he was in. :) For my first 6 kids, it’s worked perfectly to have them be 2 years apart in grades, so I just have to remember the oldest one’s grade and count down accordingly. Problem #1 – I have to remember the oldest one’s grade. Problem #2 – Children #7 and 8 have really messed up every other year system for keeping track of grades and now I’m going to have to (gasp) think!

    Love your lists, Connie :)

  10. Love this. We also took naps when we were tired, got up and took a break or got a snack without asking, could talk and laugh whenever we felt the need, and vacations whenever we wanted -just did our work in the car. ( from a mom that homeschooled when it wasn’t cool- and is still homeschooling!)

  11. Oh, Smockity, I’ve been reading you for a good while but I’ve never commented. I just had to after loling at number 1. I have been annoyed at times with my son’s inability to ‘correctly’ line up, but reading it in your list just made me realize how absurd that is!

  12. I loved this post. Now that we are officially homeschoolers (for the last 6 months!), I find most of these to be TRUE!!! Especially that thing about grades. Both of my school aged kids are “ahead” in some things but “behind” in others. Whenever people ask my kindergartener what grade he’s in, he looks at me with a wide-eyed expression because he’s really not sure!

  13. My 6 homeschooled children DO line up, all the time. If we’re at the grocery store, WalMart, walking down a sidewalk in town, going to get in the car, walking from the car to a store, restaurant, or doctor’s office- they have to line up littlest to biggest. Maybe the fact that my DH and I both served in the military has something to do with this.

  14. Love the post! My kids do know how to line up (public places like the grocery store require it), but with homeschoolers – you’re right – they gob up. We have a homeschool P.E. class that meets up every week, but that’s a relatively knew thing for us.

    That ‘grade’ thing. Yeah.. my kids always look at me with that “Mom?” look on their faces when someone asks.

  15. Thanks for sharing this! I’m getting so excited about homeschooling my daughter who will be 5 in December. We aren’t officially starting kindergarten, but I think she will be ready for first grade next year with all the things we do at home anyway. Grade doesn’t really matter, it’s that they are learning and having fun that matters.

  16. I was at a homeschool family camp once, and there was a “line” of small children (and their mothers) for pony rides. The line was all over the place and not organized at all, so the woman who owned the ponies and had brought them to the camp that morning called out, “Make a nice, straight line, just like you do at school.” A murmur about homeschooling came out of the crowd, so then she yelled, “Well, fine then, line up like you do at homeschool!” It didn’t occur to her that we DON’T line up at homeschool, so that’s why the line looked so bad.