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I Can’t Even


Today I was left speechless, which if you know me, you know is rare. Speechless right before I let out a blood curdling scream that made all the pigeons in Central Park take flight simultaneously.

I had gone on a quick errand, leaving a few of the kids behind, and when I arrived back home, there was much excitement over something that had happened only moments before.

It seems that one of them saw, out of the corner of her eye, something wriggling on the kitchen floor. Then she saw Lucy, the cat, pounce on it and start to eat it.

That's when she realized it was a snake.

Kitchen. Snake.



Wait. Do you mean...? How did it...? Where...?

I just. I can't even.

Cue pigeons taking flight.

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  1. I’ve walked out into the kitchen late at night to get a drink of water and wondered why the cat was batting at something under the fridge. Turned out it was a baby king snake (the kind that look like venomous coral snakes). Called my father out to get it with a broom and take it outside. First and hopefully ONLY time we have a snake in the house.

  2. We had that happen a couple of times when I was growing up in Michigan, although I think maybe they were just on the basement steps rather than actually in the kitchen. Not nice, anyway.

  3. We had a little one in the basement last summer. Oddly enough, I wasn’t that freaked out. We’ve lived in an old house (circa 1850’s) for four years- in my mind it wasn’t a matter of ‘if’, but rather ‘when’. In fact we had an above average number of snakes right around the house last summer. I shot several with the trusty BB gun :) The hoe method grosses me out! We hadn’t had any cats at this property but now have 3- hopefully that will help. Cat’s are pretty good about finding and taking care of snakes! AND cats take care of the birds, mice and rats that snakes are after. I don’t really like cats but they are a necessary evil on the farm 😉

  4. I’ll never forget the sight of my mother beating a snake with a small log. She’d done the dishes and gone out to get wood for the woodstove and came back in to a garter snake draped over the clean dishes. I don’t know how many dishes didn’t survive the killing of the snake, but it was dead before it was over with. The only conclusion was that it had come up through the sink drain. Eww.

  5. We lived in a basement apartment in the city for our first few years of marriage. We had our newborn on a blanket on the floor. I said to my husband, “Why is there a stick on the floor by the baby,” and then it moved. Have no idea how it got in the apartment..

  6. I love your posts! I can just imagine your shock and the noise!

  7. Looks like it’s time to move!

  8. had a snake in our kitchen one night…my grown boys still die laughing when telling about “Mama beating that poor snake to death with the broom handle”…or we thought so. When my hubby got home, the snake was trying to crawl out of the bucket we had pout him in on the back porch so hubby could identify the type.