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She Gone

I've been MIA from posting regularly lately and there are several reasons why.

None of them are major, earth moving reasons for a person to up and quit typing out every thought that comes into her noggin, but all added up, they amount to: She gone.

Here they are in no certain order:

1. The teenagers. They have this way of slowly becoming my friends. My friends who sit on my bed at night and yack to me about all manner of important minutia like Dr. Who and what it requires to become a missionary until around midnight when I finally kick them out.

The time between putting little people to bed and going to bed myself used to be my writing time. That time is becoming harder to come by lately.

2. The internet. It has this way of making me want to slam my head in a car door. Repeatedly. Since we live in the country, our only option is satellite internet, of which there are exactly 2 to choose from. And since we are just lucky I guess, we fired the first company and hired the second, only to find that instead of being sporadically horrible, they are consistently horrible.

One night I even wrote an entire post and hit publish, only to find that there was no internet and I lost the whole thing.

Commence slamming head in door.

3. Right before school started, I stupidly signed different kids up for a total of THREE homeschool co-ops or groups and THREE different sports. I know. Believe me, I am kicking myself every day as I'm burning up the road between our house and. All. The. Activities.

Someone please kick me yourself if you see me headed for a sign up sheet any time soon. Friends don't let friends overcommit.

4. The advice about writing the perfect post or being the perfect blogger. I usually don't get caught up in believing (or maybe it's caring) about everything I read, but lately my head seems to be swirling with all the contradicting advice I see about blogging and keeping readers and writing quality stuff.

So far I have learned that I should

  • Write long posts.
  • Write short posts.
  • Take beautiful, professional looking photographs.
  • Be authentic. (See how these last 2 are opposites for me?)
  • Tell personal stories.
  • Don't get personal.
  • Establish yourself as an expert in your field.
  • Don't be a know it all.

Add to all that contradicting advice that I now get emails showing me how many people have unsubscribed from my blog. AND THEIR NAMES. So, yeah. I'm all, "Tiffany, why you do me like that?"

And then I wonder if it's the too long posts. Or the too short posts. Or the mediocre photography.

And then I kick my teens out of my bedroom so I can get some sleep and kick myself because of all the activities I have to do the next day.

So what I'm saying is my posting will be spotty around here until something gives. I'll still be letting you know about any awesome homeschooling or large family management tips I have, and I'll give you the heads up when a great deal comes down the pike.

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  1. Connie,
    I do hope you find the time to continue your blog! I absolutely LOVE how you are always Keepin’ it Real! Your posts have encouraged me, inspired me and at times challenged me. Please take some time off to refresh and do not grow weary of doing good!

  2. Dawn McKenna says:

    Dude. You just go ahead and post sporadically. I’ll go ahead and miss you sporadically. The next time you’re tempted to click on some “better blogging” advice, grab some sweet tea and sit on the porch instead. Watch chickens. Relax The Smockity. Tell God a joke (He loves that). THAT’S what’ll makes you a better blogger.

    As far as those goofy unsubscribers, they’re probably just overcommitted and have consistently horrible interwebs. You make me smile every time I read a new post. I wouldn’t miss that for anything.

  3. Well, I don’t know about the “advice,” but I certainly enjoy what you write. So please don’t change just because the “experts” tell you that you should. You keep it real, and I like real! Goodness, with four children 7 and under, that’s all I know — real!

  4. I am subscribed to you on feedly. and I love every post. short ones, long ones, good pics, not so great. :-) Also, I am like nikki, with four kids seven and under. So you are always an expert in MY field, homeschooling + raising kids. So thanks.

    Also, i have a blog and I take looooong four or five month breaks at a time!! (No one actually reads my blog anyway!) And I have taken to blogging on my phone, which means short posts with no expert advice and terrible pictures.

  5. I only have one child and all the fun in life that comes with him (sarcastic and truthful, depending on the moment, but mostly truthful) plus taking care of house, husband, and keeping an eye on an elderly mother, and all but giving up on ever finding time to write on my own. So I kind of understand. When life slows down enough for you to write, do so. Family comes first, after God, just as you know. Most of us will be here waiting. :)

  6. Jeanie Bellows says:

    Please continue to write when you can, because it inspires others. Keep God first, followed by your children and family and everything else will fall into place. Life is what we make of it and I truly enjoy how your remind us to “Keep it Real”. It’s encouraging to know that there are other Moms out there in the world struggling with over-commitment. Been there….done that……and I’m sure will do it again. :)

  7. I have been reading your blog for about 2 years now and I just want to say that you ROCK!!! Your posts are genuine, authentic, and uplifting. Don’t let anyone get to you. Keep doing what your doing! You are GREAT!! Three Cheers for Connie. Hip Hip Hooray……Hip Hip Hooray…….Hip Hip Hooray. There you go…….someone is cheering for you today!! :)

  8. Thank you for doing all you do to post for us. God loves you!!!!!!

  9. I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again. COME. TO. MY. HOUSE. I have very little to offer in monetary donations, but I do have blazing fast, consistently awesome internet. And I would be happy to share it with you WHENEVER!

  10. Cindy in GA says:

    Gah! I’m sorry that I unsubscribed from the e-mail list (I currently have 2971 unread e-mails in my inbox… something had to give)! I read via Feedly these days plus follow on Facebook so I don’t miss anything. Keep posting when you get the chance! :)

  11. I like reading your posts and don’t care of they are sporadic. In fact, I respect you more now knowing you are willing to admit that you are human. Keep up the good work momma!

  12. I don’t read a lot of blogs, and yours is my favorite – always keep my eye out for your posts! I have 5 kids 8 and under and always appreciate your experience, and mostly just knowing I’m not the only one who has these struggles!

  13. I don’t subscribe because I don’t like emails, but you’re on my bookmark bar and I check daily. I don’t care about your photography, I’ll tell you that. :) I love your personal posts, and you’re always inspirational. You’ve done this mom of a big family thing for a long time, so any of your wisdom and just the fact that you’re still alive and seem to still like your kids gives you major street cred for us newbies. And you’re from Texas. Which is hilarious to me, a northerner. I like your Texas talk. :)

  14. For a few years now you’ve been kindly, consistently, honestly encouraging me to see life from a more “real” point of view. I love how you share from the heart and allow the rest of the world to have a peek at a life lived well. Please don’t stress over being something different, it’s YOU and life from YOUR perspective we’ve all come to here read about!

  15. I need to figure out how to change the settings, too. You’re right. It’s entirely too much pressure.

    And, what’s up with your teenagers wanting to talk to you and stuff? Don’t they know they’re supposed to be moody, angst-filled people who avoid their parents?

  16. And here I was thinking maybe the reason was that you were expecting another blessing…. the kind that makes you rather ill and worn out for a while. Well, I guess it was more hopeful. I could use the company with #10 :).
    I have just one teenage daughter and I know exactly what you are saying. We do have much to be thankful for in that, don’t we? It isn’t just when they are babies that they keep us up at night. :)

  17. :-) You make me giggle.

  18. We too live in the country & had satellite internet. I ABSOLUTELY HATED IT!! I found the Hotspot w/Verizon & don’t have any issues & love it.

  19. I love your posts! I had no idea they had become sporadic until you posted it 😉 Just goes to show how over committed I am myself!

  20. I love your blog! All of it :) Love, love, love… however and whenever they come.

  21. Thanks for cracking me up this morning! The ironic thing is that I’m sitting down for the first time since Saturday, to post on my own blog. I hear ya about all the ridiculous advice about blogging. I’ve often become so caught up in how to blog, when the first 5 years of blogging, I just wrote what my life was about and it was great. Not until I started over-thinking it did it get all out of sorts! So…..I took a break and thought about it all and decided that what people respond to the most are the crazy, every day things that happen in my home/life. Who needs one more piece of advice? People want a good story! That’s why I read YOUR blog! I love the crazy things you say and write about :) So, even if you only write a few times a week, I will be waiting to read all about it.

    Blessings :)

  22. This post made me chuckle, albeit inwardly since my youngest is still sleeping. :) I don’t read EVERY post that comes down the pike (hey, I’m a mom and have a mom-life!) but I have always enjoyed and/or benefited from your posts. Keep ’em coming with whatever content YOU choose to put in them. Love you and your sporadic blogging :)

  23. We have sooooo nearly fired that same internet satellite company. I only held back because I was afraid the competition would be worse. Thank you for confirming that.
    We had Huge Bet (a nickname I gave the internet company cause it’s always a bet whether we’ll have any reception, and plus it rhymes with their REA
    L name) out yesterday to install the new stuff…that Gen 4 stuff.
    Connie, we now have high speed internet!!!! Seriously, it keeps startling me, cause stuff is popping up in like 2 seconds instead of having time to make a cup of coffee. I told the dude…”Dude, you have like cut my breakfast time in half here. No more lolling around at the old computer waiting for stuff to load. Now I’ll have to get up and get on with my day.”

    So there positives and negatives to the whole thing. Like $30 extra a month…but that comes with 40 GIGS of download instead of 950 MEGS. Yeah, there’s that.
    ANYWAY, you might want to check it out. I know you fired ’em, but you could grovel…

  24. Such are the seasons of life :) I enjoy reading your blog!