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TradeWinds Island Resorts Beach Vacation

The TradeWinds Island Resort provided travel expenses, room, and activities in exchange for this review, but all opinions are my own.

I was recently given the opportunity of a lifetime when I was invited to review the TradeWinds Island Resorts in St. Pete Beach, Florida.

TradeWinds Island Resorts Beach Vacation

And since I am here to review the kids' activities as well as the amenities and accommodations, I figured I might as well take a birthday girl with me, right? So my newly turned 12 year old and I hopped on a plane and commenced to having the time of our lives.
TradeWinds Island Resorts

The TradeWinds property is amazingly beautiful! There are statues and fountains, palm trees and beautiful flowers around every corner.

TradeWinds Island Resort 2

This is the view from our beach front room.

The room is beautiful, and more like an efficiency apartment than a hotel room. It has a little kitchenette, complete with a stove, refrigerator, sink, countertop, and cabinets. Plus, there is a sitting area with the kitchenette, which is separated from the bedroom by a door.

This arrangement would make it completely feasible to eat frugally while on vacation by preparing and serving meals in your room!

TradeWinds Island Resort2

Tomorrow I will show you some of the kids' activities the TradeWinds Island Resort has in store for us, but in the meantime, why don't you head over to their Facebook page and enter to win a vacation package of your own? Just vote on your favorite type of vacation and someone will be chosen to win his or her dream getaway!

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  1. TradeWinds is a wonderful resort. My cousin’s son has autism, and the resort is very austism-friendly. In fact, they host a conference every year that my cousin and her family always attend. You are so lucky to have gotten the chance to go there!