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I love to read. Everyone in my family loves to read. Here is some interesting stuff we have been reading lately.

What have you been reading?

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  1. Lots of voracious readers at our house too – The Trumpeter of Krakow; Kite Fighters by Linda Sue Park; Hitty: The First 100 Years; and On the Banks of Plum Creek are the chapter books I’m reading to my older kids now. Oh and Seed Sowers: Gospel Planting Adventures too. :) Also working on a new Benge bio on Jim Elliot.
    Thanks for the book/blog ideas, Connie – we’re always looking for more good reading material around here!

  2. Love the links, especially the ones about introverts and reading in school. Both make me very, very glad that we homeschool along with the one about schooling pre-schoolers. I wonder what people are thinking when they spend hours teaching their three and four years olds instead of letting them play.

  3. My house is also full of readers, so much so that getting ereaders really became a necessity as we own enough books to create a small library! My oldest is in love with the Artimes File books, I just finished a free book starting a new King Arthur series, this one from the perspective of Guinivere.

  4. I just finished re-reading To Kill a Mockingbird for the 3rd time , my first as an adult….I’ve always loved it but never truly appreciated the writing. I kept reading passages out loud to my hubby. He started to just roll his eyes at me. 😉

    The article about the public school and readers really struck a cord with me. I read early and honestly don’t even remember “how” I learned. I was in 3rd grade in a private school and was told I could only check out books from the 3rd grade shelf. My sister in high school would check out books for me even after my mom went and talked to the teacher and the librarian because then they would only let me check out one “hard” book at a time. When my older boys were in public school and complained they couldn’t check out a book they wanted because it wasn’t their assigned level…lets just say the teacher and I came to a very quick understanding 😉 it wasn’t a problem after that.

  5. That reading article hit so close to home. I am EXTREMELY GLAD to be full-time homeschooling again. For the last two years we did a homeschool/charter school hybrid where they were gone two days a week for Science and History and some art and music. Now that we are home learning these things together, my kids are happier. They read more. They play more. They learn so much more through play and discovery and hands-on learning and sensory input– and I don’t just mean the 4 and under crowd. They are in better harmony with each other. It was a good experience to help me realize how much better I like full-time homeschooling.

    And thanks for the other links too. Very good reads. I’m adding “The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe” to our read-aloud list after the “Little House” series.

  6. We’re big readers around here too. The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe is next on our list of read-alouds. My oldest daughter is reading through the Little House series out loud to me for her reading work. She zoomed through two years worth of phonics in maybe six months.

    My oldest son is struggling along. I’m always searching for a balance between pushing him and giving him time to mature. He’ll be seven soon, and I know he has time to master this wonderful thing called reading, but he looks at his big sister who is a “natural” reader. It’s frustrating for him. His younger brother is showing signs of being a “natural” too.

    I am so thankful for homeschooling, and the chance it gives me to encourage strengths and build skills at a more natural pace for each child.

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