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Staples For Back to School

Staples recently asked if they could send me a laptop and backpack to help my kids off to a flying start on back to school assignments.

And I was all, "Hm. Let me think about that. Free stuff that my kids can use to get smarter? Um. (half-second pause) Yes, please!"


So they sent me this HP Pavilion 14" Chromebook and a cute backpack I picked out, which my son promptly made fun of because it was girly. But I ignored him.

The Chromebook is perfect for writing assignments and research. It has a full sized keyboard, internet capabilities, and thousands of free apps available to download.

The all-time favorite item in the package, though may have been this.

Staples Easy Button

That's right. The Smockity Family now has an Easy Button. This could change everything.

Throughout the day, at various times when I tell my kids to complete a task, I hear "That was easy."

See what I mean?

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  1. We have an Easy Button, too. It lives at Tyler’s office, but my boys still like to say “That was easy” all the time with the same inflection.

  2. We had an Easy Button at one of my jobs a few years ago, and we were always pressing it, especially after something that was definitely NOT easy. We got tired of it, but it provided us with some comic relief.

  3. This is different than the Chromebook by goggle that I had and disliked. I can not wait to hear your review. Thanks for sharing