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Special Time With Mom

I told you yesterday about how I try to take a different child with me every time I run an errand. Now, I'll explain how I give each child an opportunity to have a special time with mom twice a year.

During each child's birthday month and half birthday month, he or she gets to plan a day in which we visit 3 local destinations. These special days are thought about, and discussed, and planned all throughout the year.

Sometimes we go bowling, walk around our town square, and then eat at Ihop. Some children choose to walk around a pet store and the mall. We always eat lunch or dinner together, and there is plenty of time to chat and dream and laugh with no interruptions from siblings.

We have been attending these special days regularly for 4 years now, and my kids all look forward to their turn. These outings need not break the bank, and we always make the best use of the funds we have available at the time. (We still went on our special days when my husband lost his job, we just made sure the activities were free.)

If you are looking for a way to make each child in your family feel special, try letting them plan special outings during their birthday and half birthday months.

*Tune in tomorrow and I'll tell you why I'm getting on a plane today with my newly turned 12 year old for her special day!

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  1. Connie,

    I really like your idea, but what do you do with your other children? Is it an all day thing? Do you hire a sitter for the day? It would be unrealistic for us to have my husband at home all day with our other children. Thanks!

    • Smockity Frocks says:

      We started this 4 years ago, when my oldest were 12 and 14, so I sortof had built-in babysitters.

  2. Wow – that is so awesome! I think I need to start doing that! :)

  3. Sweet! These will be cherished memories! My husband always made a big deal out of “daddy daughter day” …we only have girls so it fits.