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Re-Entry From My Trip to TradeWinds Island Resorts

I'm still waking up each morning wondering what I'm going to do during my visit to the TradeWinds Island Resorts, And then I open my eyes and remember I'm home in rural Texas and I don't have...

TradeWinds Island Resorts Pools

7 heated pools,

TradeWinds Island Resorts Swans

2 swans a swimming,

TradeWinds Island Resorts Room

a cozy reading spot in my room with a beautiful view of the beach,

TradeWinds Island Resorts Water Slide

a giant water slide,

TradeWinds Island Resorts Bungee Trampoline

or a bungee trampoline.

By the way, the bungee trampoline guy, my resort BFF, Dave, let us jump longer than the allotted 5 minutes because there was no one else waiting in line. (Shhhh! Don't tell his manager!)

And he even talked me into trying it myself. Here is video proof that a crazy mother of 8 in her late 40's has still got it goin' ON!

Oh well, at least I can review this video tour of our room to make me feel like I'm still there.

Have you entered to win your dream vacation getaway at TradeWinds Island Resorts? The giveaway ends October 2nd, so HURRY!.

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