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4 Moms Discuss Noise Control

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Here is a reader question The 4 Moms are discussing this week:

While I am accustomed to the noise that my children produce (which I don't consider too excessive), my family often makes comments about it and seems annoyed by them after a short period of time. How do you deal with your children's noise, especially when company is over?

Here's where I admit that I have no idea how to answer this question.

You see, we are a loud people. I come from a long line of loud people, since I have a sister who was born deaf, and another sister who is hard of hearing.

And my husband is a loud talker. We often tease that when he's on the phone he doesn't trust that his voice will transmit through the phone line, so he has to talk loud enough for the other person to hear him all the way in Kansas, or wherever he is.

And the apples, as they say, don't fall far from the tree.

Plus, we are laughers. And funny-story tellers. And showoffs. Yep. We're one of those spicy families.

So, whenever we are in the presence of those who I suspect are uncomfortable with our rowdiness, I do a lot of holding my index finger up to my lips and saying, "Shhhhh!!!" and "Hush!" and "Not so loud!" and "Why don't you go play outside?" and "I am so sorry. We are a loud people..."

What I'm trying to say is that if you get invited to our house, you may want to be prepared for a whole lot of lively.

Now, you might have better luck getting some real advice about noise control from one of the other members of my 4 Moms team.

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  1. We are LOUD too, and God, in His sense of humor, brought us 2 daughters in law (so far), that are both extreme introverts. I can see them zone out when the decibel level reaches that of a 747 on take off. It’s quite funny actually.
    And I do try to hush the kids when appropriate, but honestly, we have a LOT of fun and I’m not gonna trade that for a funeral home environment.

    I have a feeling our families would have a lot of fun together!!!!