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Vacation Fun

Here is what we have been doing the past few days. We had a family wedding to attend in Alabama, and decided to make a week long vacation of it.

We rented a lake house and have hardly been dry the whole time we have been here.

We have canoed, boated, floated, swam, dived, waded, roasted marshmallows, watched meteor showers, and laughed.

Most of all we have laughed.

While we were boating, we even found an awesome cliff next to a cold, deep pool, where a couple of teen boys were diving. My children dared me to jump off, and what could I say?

Vacation Fun With Children

Of course, I did it.


And we all stayed there a good long while daring one another to go again and applauding like crazy each time someone did.

Remember to laugh with your children, Mamas.

Don't let the important business of teaching them and training them dull your sense of adventure and fun.

Make sure your children see the joy of living in you. 

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  1. Oh, wow! You are amazing!

    And thanks for the reminder to laugh and play with my children.

  2. Yes, you are amazing! I too have been thinking about fun and laughter! Fun is needed in every relationship we have! Thank you for the reminder! :-)

  3. Wait. You’re in Alabama? Ummmmm, why aren’t you stopping by to see me? Ahem.

  4. Way to go, Connie! And thank you for the reminder, may we never forget to laugh and have a sense of adventure.

  5. You are awesome!!! This is a great reminder…one that I need to hear and practice!

  6. Aww! Great post! I’ve been trying to do this a lot more. The laughing and enjoying bit. Not the cliff jumping part. 😛


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