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Road Trip Busy Bags

Make a Road Trip Busy Bag

Every time our family takes a road trip, I make a "busy bag" for each child to keep them occupied on the long car ride.

These are surprises placed in each seat in the van the morning of the trip, and every child looks forward to finding out what will by in her bag.

When we were very tight on money, I used brown paper lunch sacks and included a sheet of stickers, a sucker, some colored pencils, and some coloring pages.

Road Trip Busy Bags

When we have a little more room in the budget, the busy bags are nicer.

Road Trip Busy Bags

I include snacks, drinks, suckers, stickers, a little notebook, and some activities to keep them busy.

road trip busy bags

I filled a few pages in each notebook with simple instructions on noticing the cities we plan to pass through.

road trip busy bags

The idea is to keep everyone busy on long trips.

road trip busy bags

Do you use road trip busy bags?

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  1. This is great. I am always looking for busy bag ideas that really work. So cool

  2. I love the idea of the notebooks with activities! I’m going to do that on our next trip.

    To keep things new and exciting, I start mine out with a few toys, and then I give them “presents” each time we cross a state line. The presents are small and cheap, like a tiny notebook and one sheet of stickers, or a box of raisins and a juice box. If I can get a great deal on tiny gift bags, I use those to make the presents seem really special.

    Party City is the best place to stock up on toys for car trips. A few times a year, they have clearance sales on their existing birthday themes to make way for new themes. They sell packages of party favors for $.99. One package may contain 12 of those little handheld “pinball” games or 8 tiny notebooks or other little gifts you’d put in a favor bag. The little bottles of bubbles are great for rest areas! Some of the themes are obnoxious cartoons, but some are things like Hot Wheels.

  3. I do pack toys, and my mom bought us a portable DVD player, I like the idea of individual bags! I think I know what I will be doing on our next road trip!

  4. No, we don’t pack bags, but it sounds like a great idea. I think I will pin this post for future reference. We do the easy thing; we turn on DVD’s for the length of the trip.

  5. I pack a box of “toys” and games that are reserved only for roadtrips — some things stay in there for years and are old friends to my kiddos, others are new additions for a little excitement. Everyone has access to this box & it includes the fun stuff to do at rest areas. Each child also packs his/her own backpack with their favorite things, with help from me where needed. I’ve also done the travel journals with notebooking pages for each state we’d go through — more work than it was worth in the end. Love the mini notebook idea with the handwritten directions. I always pack fresh markers and stickers and some new activity books. Also, just recently made a quiet book out of those colorful foam sheets you can get everywhere. It’s not as compact as the felt ones I’ve seen & I’ve no idea how long it’ll last, but my almost 4 year old loves it. We’ve also done the portable DVD or VCR player in the past, but now lean more toward lots of music and audio books that the whole family enjoys. Great post and great ideas, Connie. :)