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Make Your Own Dish Scrubber

Make Your Own Mesh Dish Scrubber

These DIY mesh dish scrubbers are so easy to make, I figured all of y'all out there do the same thing with your old popsicle or onion bags. But when I posted a quick picture of one I made on Facebook, it got shared several times and someone asked how I made it.

So here's the scoop.

How to Make Your Own Dish Scrubber

Make Your Own Dish Scrubber

1. Cut the end tags off 2 mesh bags.

how to make mesh dish scrubber

2. Spread them out.

DIY dish scrubber

3. Loosely wad one up and stuff it in the other one.

DIY mesh dish scrubber

4. Twist the ends.

Make your own mesh dish scrubber

5. Fold one end over itself.

Make Your Own Dish Scrubber

6. Fold the other end over itself and tie.

Have you ever made your own dish scrubbers?

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  1. And to think, I’ve been BUYING tulle on a spool (like for wedding decorations) and knitting little 3×3 squares to scrub dishes… My mom always had red ones, so we call it a “red net scratcher” regardless of the color. :)

  2. I usually crochet mine. Recently, I’ve been crocheting a dishcloth like side and a scrubber side for a sort of homemade dish sponge that can be washed. These look super easy, though. Good project for my daughters. Thanks for the tutorial!

  3. Thank you, thank you! I couldn’t bear to throw out those orange/onion bags, but I didn’t have a clue what I was going to do with them.
    GREAT idea!

  4. Yep…I have made them. Recently the onions where I shop are in plastic bags. :( practically useless. I use them as trash bags for my van…that fill up in a day.

  5. ohmygosh this is brilliant!