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Large Family Moms Answer Questions About Bath Time, Quality Time, and Doctor Appointments

4 Moms on Parenting

How many kiddos do you bathe at a time?

I have bathed as many as 3 little ones together at one time. This included an independently sitting baby, a toddler, and a 4 year old.

These days I encourage the 3 and 5 year old to take a bath together, and everyone else takes one by themselves.

How do you make quality one on one time with your spouse happen when you have all littles (8, 3, 2, 2, 2, 1)?

I remember the days well when Mama and Daddy couldn't leave the house alone unless a babysitter was hired or grandparents were in town.

During those days, we enforced a strict 8:30 bedtime and often watched movies together while enjoying a snack of popcorn or ice cream.

It was a rare and special treat to have a babysitter take care of the kids while we left the house.

If you have grandparents who can help out, or even friends you can trade free babysitting nights with, that will allow you to have a special night out.

If you don't have anyone to help out, make use of the early bedtime and save a movie and a special snack to enjoy with your sweetie once a week.

How do you keep pencils and crayons OFF the floor???

Do you have someone named "Not Me" who lives in your house, too? It seems whenever I walk into a room and say, "Who left these things on the floor?", that rascal, Not Me is at fault!

We solve this problem by having frequent "tidy up" times during the day. We all storm one room, and as they say, "Many hands make light work."

How do you arrange your doctor/dentist appointments?

I try to stay away from the doctor's office unless absolutely necessary. We don't do "check ups" or "well visits", so I don't worry about scheduling those. I'm pretty sure having 8 healthy children qualifies me to determine for myself whether they are progressing normally or not.

For dentist appointments, I try to get them in 3-4 at a time. I leave one big kid home to watch the little ones I don't take and haul the rest in together.

Just this month we have had 7 dentist appointments over 3 different days. (I have one more to go.) So far we have 5 out of 7 kids that are cavity free!

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