What's the big deal about Young Living

Dorm Shopping at Dollar General

What's the big deal about Young Living

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Dollar General for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

Getting ready to send our first born off to another state for college is an anxiety-ridden, emotional experience for this mom.

My girl? Not so much.

She has been super excited about every part of getting ready to launch out on her own.

We went to Dollar General with a gift card they provided to see what DG Dorm Essentials we could pick up, and she had the nerve to not even get weepy a single time!

We snagged these self adhesive hooks for only $1, which makes them 25 cents each! These are great for a dorm room since nailing anything into the walls isn't allowed.

Next, we picked up some disinfectant wipes for quick clean ups around the sink in her room. I was so proud when she went for the more economical store brand!

We also got a sewing kit for only $1 and a few other items.

And before long, she had everything she needed and was itching to hit the road and start her brand new life!

Me? Not so much.

But, like a good mama, I went ahead and dropped her off instead of forcing her to get back in the van and go home with me.

If you have a college student in your life, a Dollar General gift card is a super useful gift to let them prepare for moving into the dorm. And be sure to like Dollar General on Facebook and follow Dollar General on Twitter to keep up with special offers and new inventory.

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  1. Mother Lydia says:

    Those self-adhesive hooks — is she going to be allowed to put them on the wall? They don’t appear to be the sort that come off without leaving a mark…

    • Smockity Frocks says:

      We actually put these on the inside of her closet doors, so they should do okay.

  2. Dropping daughters at college was a tough time for me! With the first I didn’t talk for 3 days!

  3. Kristen Jeffery says:

    Awwww what a tough thing to do! ((hugs))! Welcome to Social Fabric!

  4. Getting dropped off and going into the real world sucks after realizing how expensive everything is!

  5. I will be looking for those hooks at the dollar store! Did they work?

    Mom of soon to be three college students! Ouch!!! Not looking forwards to the fall at all!